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Hi guys. This is THE project I decide to work on, and I’m pretty satisfied by it. Now, I just need people to test it and tell me some opinions about it. Please, do enjoy the story, though it is still a bit short.

A quick summary:

An unknown virus has attacked the city of New Wall. You are infected. Find the cure to your condition and try to survive in the harsh world. Meet new people, groups, and enemies. Befriend them, deceive or kill.

Updates will come in once in a while. Thanks again.


Seems like a good start; my only critque would be it it needs to be more fleshed out.

My suggestions would be:
1st the MC: the reader knows literally almost nothing about who they are playing as; but since they are inside their house and showing symptoms of being infected, you could have them check themselves out in the bathroom mirror, allowing the readers the ability to cuatomize the MC.

2nd is the scenes: they feel abit rushed and not a lot happens; plus the firat hospital is a good place for readers to acquire stats for instance: trying to slip through the mob will increase Dex starting a fight will increase Str and calling out about a ambulance with increase Cha.


For the first critique, notice how I put day 3 instead of day 2 and 1. I was planning to put the character customization during those days.

As for the scenes, you’re right. It needs to be more exciting. And those things that you mentioned about stats are awesome. How did I not think about it. Thanks for that and thanks for reading :wink:

I like the concept you’ve got here, not a lot of infection-zombie sorta games start with you having the infection. Can I ask what you’ll be able to do after you’ve gotten access to the cure?

Well you can flee the country, cure your fellow survivors as well, sort of that stuff. There is one other thing you can do but I don’t want to spoil it. You’ll find out soon enough.

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