Working on a generator, anyone want to help?

I’m working on a VERY simple generator using choicescript (as I know absolutely nothing about creating generators in any other form). So far I’ve made this (link below), using *rand to create plots and settings templates for Modern, Fantasy, and Supernatural, as well as names. Mostly it’s for myself, because I’m a writer about anything else, and sometimes other generators just don’t do it for me. I figure anyone can use it for either writing stories OR for ideas for games. I may add in Sci-Fi templates, as I didn’t think of it as I was doing this until now.

Anyway, I think I’m pretty good on the name part, since I can very easily look on the internet for them, though, I do realize that FairyGodFeather already created a name generator (or at least I’m pretty sure, anyway).

The point is, the plots themselves, as well as what variables to use, as it requires a lot to create a good variety. A snippet of a fantasy plot-

"You are ${FN} ${FH}. On a day out, you meet a ${FRR} trying to escape from ${EFV}, leading the two of you on a journey to ${FJ}."

Which comes out something like-
“You are an intelligent Servant. On a day out, you meet a Thief trying to escape from a mad king, leading the two of you on a journey to a cliff.”

(Obviously not complete)

Things like that.

So far I’ve only got a teeny tiny bit for Fantasy plots (three templates) and Modern names (About 5 male/female) though I did make it in the course of an hour, so… yeah. Also, grammar kind of sucks with this at the moment, which I apologize for.

Humorous suggestions appreciated!

Da link to check out-

Its a nice idea even coming up with amusing combos like “You are a dead Ghost…” lol