Wolfheart (WIP) [8th November 18 Celeste Update]

8 November edit:
Work is still happening on this project, however slow it may be.

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Hello all,

I’ve started working on my first IF game. I’ve had this story kicking around my brain for a few months and I had planned on writing it as a simple prose story. Then I discovered choice of games and really wanted to try adapting what I was thinking so here we are.

The protagonist is a werewolf who lives moves to a small town and finds a sort of boarding house for other werewolves. One night during a full moon you don’t change like you’re supposed to. From there you need to figure out how you feel about the sudden loss of such an important part of your life. Along the way you have other werewolves in the house, as well as a few humans around town, to help you find your way and maybe discover the cause of your sudden change.

There will be 5 ROs among the NPCs, and you can choose to pursue true friendship or a romantic relationship.

Current Status

  • Prologue and Chapter 1 (draft) mostly complete
  • Chapter 2 in progress |30,000 words
  • Stats don’t mean much yet.
  • All 5 ROs introduced with at least one scene

What’s Next

  • Continue work on Chapter 2.

  • Fix stats so they make sense at all (this won’t be soon)


24 August 2018

Fixed some typos/continuity errors. Updated demo to include very small bit of chapter 2 intro. Added save feature.

31 August 2018

Slightly more of chapter 2 added. Dinner conversations added. Appearance customization added.

11 September 2018

A little more of chapter 2 added. Option to view a snippet of a Baxter scene from chapter 3 added.

8 November 2018

New Celeste scenes in chapter 2. Side stories for Baxter, Celeste and Martin’s histories can be found in the menu screen. Made a title card in ms paint.

Any feedback you have is welcome. I’m nervous about putting what I have out but also excited to see what people think.

The Demo Here


Played the demo and oh my, this looks like it’s going to be super interesting! Can’t wait to read more


Not bad, not bad at all. Will definitely be following this story. :+1:


Oh I remember this from the interest check thread. I really like it so far! I’m intrigued by the premise and now I really wonder how the MC’s housemates are going to react to this new crisis after that little cliffhanger haha.

Somehow Baxter is my favorite already. Ya idk I like guys more put together than I am. Why am I like this.


I come to werewolves… well all werecreatures for the TF and potential silliness. Also drama.

I’m a bit disappointed that I lose some feral points for not being a man eater.

At least that painter is looking promising.


Loce werewolf games. Will be watching for more!


I’m sorry, I was instantly like- “Baxter?” - “BAXTER!

This is a really awesome wip! Can’t wait for more. :smile:


@bjosh congrats man. You’ve officially caught my attention. I live all the interactions between each of the characters, it really gives a very real aspect to the story. I can’t wait to see how you plan to keep it going :+1:

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Thank you for the demo!!! I loved the game. You have caught my full attention with the idea, and now I’m very excited and am looking forward to what would happen to the MC.:astonished::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I play the Wolfheart to me I love it and all hard work you put in this

I wish you good luck on wolfheart and good job

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Sounds interesting can’t wait to give it s go

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I see good things for this WIP if you keep up with it good luck.

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This is really promising! I’m curious to see what happens next. And Baxter is so badass with the knife ! Almost killed us, but that’s ok I want to see more of him, he’s interesting. Anyway, good work !


So far my favorite RO is Baxter, and I see he’s the favorite of a lot of other people too :wink:. Anyways, so far I like what you’ve got. But I do have to point out that you (@bjosh) made it a point to have Anna… Anne?.. say she was going to visit the MC while they were at work, but didn’t bother to write them in the scene… why is that? It just seemed like it was pointless to say we’we’ll see her there and then have her not show up. You could at least write a quick sentence in how she showed up, spoke with the MC for a couple of minutes, before having to rush back to classes. Or something like that. I don’t know, it just seems weird to me that you’d say she would visit us, and then not mention it after that…

Seems like it will be interesting. I’ll keep my eye on this.

Holy shit. I’m so fucking hooked. I love your writing style and the idea for the story. The characters seem really fleshed out too.
There’s something that bothered me though. We joined the Eleven group far too easy. I feel like my MC would be more of a lone wolf than a pack wolf, so maybe you could add some more aversion into joining them (even if we do wind up doing so).
Also have you considered adding a save system? It’s a life saver for replayability purposes.

Oh, and Jordan is best girl.


Wow. Thank you for all the kind words. I’m really happy people seem to like Baxter. I hope you enjoy the journey he’ll go on.

@Adam_VanCleave_Perro Honestly I’m going to need to remake a bunch of the feral track. The idea is to have a chance to choose the wolf side over the human, not to be a murderer.

@VioletHikari Oops. There is a quick part where Anna comes to visit for a bit, but I put it in one of the options and forgot to paste it to the others. Will be fixed for next update.

@Baam I agree that joining the house happens too fast. In that case (and a few others) I just put what I could down to have a bridge to the next scene. There will be more to that interaction in the future, with some choices to make it less of a railroad.

I will be updating this post every Friday. My hope is to have enough ready to update the demo as well, but either way I’ll be putting in status updates here weekly. It helps me to have a deadline/milestone in mind.


Could add one or two more bars maybe. Like one that decides if our wolf is dangerous or the kind that would play with tourists. … The wolf that played with tourists had a pretty sad end though (I’m referring to a true story not a werewolf one).

characters are great :triumph:


@Eric_knight read this bro