Wolf Pack: Omega WIP

From the author of A Dogs Life, A Dragons Life, and Warriors: A Darkness Within, comes the Wolf Pack Series!

Born silver to dark pelted parents, you are considered cursed and cast out, along with your littermates, to another pack. You must survive as an Omega in your new pack, alongside one of your brothers, under a cruel Alpha and Betas.
But then one day you witness something that will change your views of your new pack and make you question everything about them. Will you survive as Omega? And as Omega, will you find out the truth of what happened and rat out your packmate? Or will you keep quiet until something else happens? Survive, learn, attempt to rise, and adapt yourself or change your pack.

  • Play as Omega, and train for your potential rank
  • Learn the truth behind why you are considered cursed
  • Own language, includes a terms page (& rank sub-page)
  • Mate choices available (but they ask you, you cannot ask them)
  • Dangerous territory and packmates
  • Witness a terrible event & either learn the truth behind it or ignore it.
    • Learn the truth and expose your packmates crimes
    • Ignore it and just continue your life alongside the pack

Last upload: 2-14-2020
Last updates: Every pack wolf has been named & described, Cria scenes have been started, potential names have been added, small updates to stats
Dashingdon link: https://dashingdon.com/go/5268

Yes, I am aware I have multiple games, but due to issues with my previous laptop I can no longer access any of those files (except what I have uploaded to Dashingdon). This game is actually older than A Dogs Life, but never written down formally. A friend is loaning me their laptop while I save up money to get mine fixed, so that I can have something to work on. While this game is a very serious, completely devoted to working on it and getting it published, if I can find a way to work on A Dogs Life I will work on both at the same time (both have the same writing style, similar stats, and are referenced to each other in a few parts though they are in completely different times).
I am also aware that a few years ago I posted about this game under a different account (which I admit I completely forgot I had) under the name hextala, but I cannot access that account, which doesnt both me as my current account has all my posted WIP by this point.


I like what you have so far and looking forward to more. I am also glad to hear that A Dog’s Life isn’t dead. I wish you good writing and inspiration.


New Upload:

More choices into the first day of your new pack
Meet your fellow pups
Meet the elders (note only “Tell me about the pack” is done, rest of the choices are unfinished)

Edit 1: Just fixed an error for the stats screen


Well so much for giving my Wolf the Name “BOB the Harbinger”

Names actually cant be chosen in this game, unlike my others. Names are given by your packmates, to respect who you are.

Names will depend on your rank (Guard, Hunter, Tracker, Den-parent, or Omega) & reflect your looks, skills or personality.
Granted u end up as Omega regardless, u still get to train for the rank u want (so Omega Hunter, Omega Guard, Omega Den-parent, or Omega Tracker)


I’m really excited for this but I have to ask why is the stats randomized?

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image I like this u got my attention…lol

  1. I love doing random stats
  2. adds a bit of fun
  3. really makes you think about how to adapt to them & either accept the direction they go or how to change them back (like fighting your own personality)

Will work some more on the upcoming pre-cria scene today

Also, about the Cria:

  • Separate scenes for each part
    • Fighting
    • Tracking & Hunting
    • Lore
    • Self-reliance/survival
    • Alphas Decision
  • Determines your rank
    • Higher fight skill leads to guards
      • Higher hunt &/or tracking skill leads to hunt guards
      • Higher lore & high relationship with guard leader leads to pack guard
    • Higher hunt skill leads to hunters
      • Higher fight skill leads to outpacer
      • Higher tracking skill leads to flanker
    • Higher tracking skill leads to trackers
      • Higher hunt skill leads to flanker
      • Higher lore skill leads to loper
    • Higher lore skill leads to den-parent

Official Rank Names under Omega:

  • Omega Guard
  • Omega Hunter
  • Omega Tracker
  • Omega Den-parent

I’m confused by this. The alpha banishes the mother because he discovers the pups are his? Wolves don’t have sex for pleasure, they do it to reproduce, so this would not be news to him. So unless he’s just a major ass who mated with her knowing she’d be banished, this makes no sense.


Not everything in the game is based on reality. If it were, I would not be writing it at all.
It gives a reason for the character growing up in one of the most cruel packs (that isnt “just because”), not to mention theres the fact that the MC is a sevit, which in itself is enough to get them banished to a new pack, & it gives a bit more to the character than just being born under a lie.
The main issue with the false pups though is the fact that Cinder lied. She could’ve told Moon Alpha about the pups being his as soon as she got back, or when they were born, but she lied and claimed another wolf sired them. Lying to an Alpha can be considered treason in this universe.


Fascinating game so far!

It’s interesting at first I thought it was werewolves my bad

…right. I feel like that breaks immersion a little bit then. Why not have the already exiled(?) wolf be the one to sire them? That way the mother would still be shamed and it doesn’t seem like the alpha wolf is picking up chicks at the den. Also the way it is now, he’s more pissed about it than his mate is… none of this makes sense.

Edit: I know they need human characteristics to make them more relatable, but they still need the fundamental things that make them wolves. Basically wolves mate for life like us, but they don’t sleep around and have one night stands. That’s just not how it works.

I said she lied about who the father was. That means that the wolf she said sired them DOESNT EXIST. That Moon Alpha is the father. & she lied to his face, in front of the entire pack. Causing him to make her the packs lowest Omega. While his new mate, who is heavy with pups (& it’s written in there), is there.
This is a game, not a documentary. They are still wolves. They still have most of the characteristics of real wolves. But to make this a FANTASY game, it has to be changed.
I know how wolf packs work, I’m aware that theres a lot of humanistic tendencies in my game that are not at all consistent with how real wolves work. But again. It’s a fantasy game, not a documentary.

Edit: are you even aware that this was a fantasy game from the start? I’m sorry to be blunt, but I really feel like you have not really read the game, at all, like you are expecting it to be completely realistic or something.


I’m not trying to cause problems, and yes I know this is not ‘Wolf Simulator’. I’m so stuck on this one point because it is a huge outlier in an otherwise believable take on wolf hierarchy. For me it’s sort of stuck in this ‘uncanny valley’ type situation. They speak and express themselves like people, but they’re not quite human enough in both personal and social aspects to act ‘human’. Idk, I feel like I’m derailing the topic but that’s not my intent.


Coming in the next update:

Finishing your interaction with the elders (currently all but last choice done)
Rough overview of the cria
Beginning of each cria scene (very rough drafts, just to get a general idea of how they will start)
Starting work on another choice for your first day in the new pack
More names & descriptions for packmates
New dswolf# for relationship screen
Stats screen is now edited slightly for easier coding/viewing


New Update & Upload

Cria scenes have been started
please note, none of the cria scenes are even beginning to be worked on, the start (& finish) are there for future reference mainly for myself & anyone else interested

Potential names & ranks
Names for every packmate, including desciptions
Must play through to new pack to see relationships
Easter Egg for A Dogs Life fans: A wolf story, of the first wolf the moon created, is being used for the crialore scene


This sounds really good so far. Can’t wait to see how it develops!

I got this “criasur line 158: non existent variable ‘newmame’” error message during survival trial.

Fixed & uploaded. Sorry, didn’t see I had accidentally pressed M & not N XD