Wolf Pack: Omega WIP

New Update

What’s new:

  • Alphas decision page is finished (excluding editing)
    • New names
    • Rank is randomized according to cria point system
      • Cria points are randomized only until the cria is completely finished
  • Cria scene is planned
    • 10 points for Fighting, 5 for tracking, 5 for hunting, & 5 for Lore
    • Fighting comes first, potential opponents are finalized
    • Hunting and tracking are second, will be a three day event
      • Chance to track mule deer, boar, or bog grouse (created for this game)
      • Chance to fail & even get injured
      • Choose who leads the pup-hunt, leader determines every other pups temporary rank
    • Lore scene is planned & draft written elsewhere
      • Uses a story from the wolves of A Dogs Life
      • Lore skill will determine initial points
      • Intelligence can help
    • Survival scene is somewhat planned
      • Survive 6 nights & 7 days on your own in a secluded part of the territory
      • 3 semi-planned events
        • Rainstorm for 3 days
        • Loner encounter
        • Injury (unknown cause currently)
        • Animal/prey with sky-rot
      • Will be completely alone, chance of death (very small chance), will not receive any help from pack
    • Alphas Decision
      • Finished (except for editing)
      • Names are final
      • End of (potential) demo

Coming up:
Finishing the First Day


Just realized that the very end, when you get your name, there may be a small chance that someone has very high randomized Cria points, meaning they won’t get a rank & name. It doesn’t matter to the finished game by any means, but I’m adding that little part in for the next update.

Sorry for anyone that gets the random stats that don’t have a part for their rank & name.

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I’m pretty excited for this, can’t wait for more, but can you list the potential mates yet or is it to soon?

It’s a bit too soon, but I have some ideas. There will also be some wolves you meet from the other Threska Clan packs during the damp-air (spring) hunt, so some of them may be mate choices but unsure of how that will work yet.
For anyone who thinks of asking if the packs would even allow that, inter-pack relationships, it is allowed but only within the same clan. Wolves from different clans cannot be mates unless they both agree to become loners, of if discovered meeting secretly they will be banished as Outpackers.

  • Female only choices
    • Stone
    • Fang (not at first, but eventually)
    • Hawk
    • Mist
  • Male only choices
    • Blizzard
    • Ash
    • Leaf
    • Leap
  • Male or Female
    • Pebble
    • Rasp
    • Slay
    • Snatch

The Dieva and Skriiver have not been written in yet for 2 reasons:

  1. not entirely sure of how (or when) to introduce them
  2. Stone (Dieva) lives along the fringes of the pack, similar to Thread, but by choice (most likely going to appear just after the Cria, when you begin to live as Omega)
  3. Blizzard is very sick at the beginning, which could explain her absence, but beyond that I’m not sure

Not alot to work with atm
But I hope I don’t become an omega
Also am I looked up on by the other wolves as a challenger to that alpha ?
Also I need description at the cria to know how big I am compare to the other wolves

  1. You will be an Omega in this game, no matter how well you do in the Cria
  2. Yes, but the reason why the Alpha hates you so much will be revealed much later (& only if you dig around about Alpha Frost). It will reveal a lot of things about your own blood kin as well
  3. The cria is described above (fighting, tracking & hunting, story telling (lore), and survival)

So even though I will be a omega my skills can be higher than other wolves ?
Also is shriek the daughter of the alpha or something ??

Also, just so everyone is aware (if they haven’t noticed), this is a multi-game series.

  • Wolf Pack: Omega
    • Find your place in your new pack as Omega under a cruel and merciless Alpha
    • Witness a terrible event & either learn the truth or continue with your life, hoping things will work out
    • Learn a terrible truth about your Alpha that could change everything
  • Wolf Pack: Delta
    • Finally rising above the Omega rank under a new Alpha, you must make your mark on your pack
    • Find a mate, have pups, finally belong to your new pack
    • Watch as a terrible event falls upon the pack, and possibly clan, and either succumb or survive
  • Wolf Pack: Beta
    • Earning the respect of your pack, you have risen to Beta rank
    • Learn how to lead the pack alongside the other Beta and Alpha, watching as wolves treat you differently due to your new status
    • Watch as tragedy befalls the territory, forcing wolves to change centuries old traditions and even turn against their own natures
  • Wolf Pack: Alpha
    • Having survived the events of WPB, you must now lead your pack
    • Choose your Betas, decide how and where the pack hunts, choose how each wolf does their duty
    • Be forced to make life-altering decisions, making your pack behave how you want
    • Live, or die, as their Alpha, or fall to challengers throughout your life

Your packmates have higher skills because they are trained more for their specific rank, while as Omega you are not trained for a specific job and have other duties, as well as avoiding (or confronting) an enemy.

& Shriek is the daughter of Gravel and Flinch

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So i guess right throughout this game the MC sucks?
Upon the cria test i was better than them all for I was a giant wolve ?
Why can’t there be a plot where i hide and practice my skills at night and only appear to be weak infornt of the pack during the day ?
In no way I should be weak no matter if I’m a omega , I’m birth from a strong she wolf and one of the toughest alpha in the game ,if not for training at least my natural birthday talent should be enough

You are a pup at the beginning. Despite being the first born of the Alpha of the Moon Valley Pack, you are a pup. Every wolf is stronger than you.

You are also forced into a pack that prides cruelty and strength, so no way, even as a yearling, you can defeat any of the wolves in the Dark Swamp Pack. Except maybe Leaf or Envy, since they are only a season older than you.

You were better than the other pups, not the rest of the pack. You are untrained, inexperienced in everything involving pack life (more or less), & even Thread can beat you at the start (& shes been omega for 2 years).

You will learn skills for your rank as you play the game, but it wont be the same as Fleet, Leap, Snatch, & Shriek, because they are not Omegas. They were given their ranks immediately, but you were given the general rank under Omega.
You will learn the bare basics of your potential rank, but cannot be trained for anything specific because your job is to take care of the camp. Elders, pups, dens, sick wolves, ect.

Also, Moon Alpha is actually the second weakest Alpha. Dark Alpha is the only one weaker (because he is a sevit, though you learn that much later).


Well let’s see how it goes
Try not to make MC too depressing though
Sucks when u play a game and you keep on losing and losing and losing until u win at the end
Sometimes we have to give an take In the middle of the story
So even though we are to be omega at least give us a fair chance to even be the top puppy in the cria


Got very little work done yesterday due to being sick, but got up early today to continue!

Coming up:

  • Changes to the startup scene
    • Changed wording in a few places
    • The part where you got to see what you did for a few moons has been changed to choices
    • Some stat changes (nothing major)
    • Found out how to do save games so I’m going to test that out for the end of the demo!
    • When figured out, will have a save game option after the following places:
      • Felk-ni
      • Cria
    • Will add a “load save game” before the felk-ni and before the cria as well
  • Cria fight scene will begin (planning on having at least two choices finished before the next upload)

Edit: The Save function is difficult for me to understand, so it will not be in the demo until further notice (I am reading the post about it, but for some reason I cannot seem to understand all I need to do or I am missing something)