Wizard: Genesis

For months now I have been working on my new WIP, a fantasy setting wizard story that re-uses the “engine” of Tokyo Wizard. I’m starting to get close to the point where I want to show it to people, so I want to start by recruiting some beta-testers for it. Quite a few people who have playtested my games in the past (and given good feedback) have expressed interest in playtesting future games, so I would like to start by asking some of them (sorry, at this point I am only going to accept people who have previously offered me feedback in my own games) if they would like an early access to the WIP on this one. Those interested please either post here or send me a private email. I’m hoping a handful of people will accept…

After a few weeks of this private testing I will open it for public testing, and hopefully recruit more playtesters in that way (you may ask, why not just start with a public testing… well, the game already has playthroughs of 22,000 words, meaning that some playtesters will probably do saves at different points in the game, so they don’t have to re-read the story… so I want to just have a few people helping me to check it at first, and then gradually expand). Also, having some early readers can help me “steer” the story of the game (the story is clear in my head… yet readers don’t always agree with me, and I sometimes underestimate the emotional attachment to characters I am planning to kill…)

Anyway, some points on the game:

-You play as a wizard, dozens of spells to learn (same ones as in Tokyo Wizard, plus some new ones).

-Current game length is ~50,000 words, with 22,000 playthroughs at present (rather linear beginning, side missions not implemented yet).

-Setting is a new fantasy world I created, doesn’t have a name yet.

-Expected date when I will be sending the link to this first group of testers: somewhere towards the end of September. I still need to work more on what is already there, and tie in some parts of the story.

And… attaching some of the images and partially completed artwork for the game, just to give you a flavor of it:

Map (still a WIP)



Character concept artwork (still not completed, as I asked my artist to finish instead the art for Hero or Villain: Battle Royale, and some other project that I have that derives on that)


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@adrao hello adrao i’ve been a beta tester of battle royale, i’m interested in being a beta tester again, greetings!

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I beta tested Hero or Villain: Battle Royale, i’d love to beta test another of your games, if you’l have me.

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Can I beta test this one to I beta tested all your games hope you remember me


Would be happy to test if you’d like :slight_smile:


My availability is probably too unpredictable to be an official tester, but I look forward to another of your games when you go public. Tokyo Wizard probably wasn’t your best, but it was still my favorite of your stories. I really enjoyed the necro path you included for the few of us that asked. Hopefully that will be an option here too. Even if it’s semi-hidden again.

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I haven’t beta tested anything for you before but I did read tokyo wizard and battle royale and I thought they were great, and this game looks really interesting especially with all the races so I would be happy to be a beta tester.

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I would love to test it

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This fantasy setting looks great! I would be happy to test.

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Hello again, @adrao . First, congratulations on the release of Battle Royale!
Second, I would like to be considered for a Tester for this game. I am pretty sure I Beta Tested Tokyo Wizard, Hero or Villain and Hero or Villain: Battle Royale.

Good luck on this game, it looks really interesting and fun! :slight_smile:


Hi! If you think that my feedbacks had been helpful, then I would like to be a tester, if you want.

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Hi, thanks to all the replies (and happy to have you playtest my games, your feedback in other games was invaluable!) :slight_smile:

I might, however, go quiet for a bit on this thread. When I posted this message things were very quiet, but since then a few mini-storms have erupted at work, which will require a lot of emailing (plus, I have set aside any free time I have this weeked for continuing to write this WIP), Anyway, I will continue to read the messages even if I don’t reply to everybody individually at this point. Hopefully in a week or two I will have the first draft of this WIP ready to show… (though, there is always the possibility that the I might have to spend some time ironing out bugs in Hero or Villain: Battle Royale).


Hello Adrao, I tested your last game for you and wondered if I could test this one for you too?

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This is the game thats gonna make post on the forums again! Just got done binging playthroughs of Hero or Villain: Genesis and can’t wait for Battle Royale on the 16th!


I want to test it.

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@adrao – I would be honored to help as always. Just let me know what you need.


I tested your game eariler, the HOV battle royale. I sent the sentient robot bug, can i please test your next game?

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Hi there, I’d love to test your game!

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