Wips with cheat codes/cheat menus?

Hi all. I’m not sure if I’m posting this question in the right place, but here goes. So, I’ve been trying to find all sort of games/wips with cheat menus/codes. If there are any that you know of, please post their names here. Thanks in advance and don’t mind the category. Any genre will do.

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Starship adventures has one (there’s the option to swing your stats one way or another under the special features option that pops up a couple of pages in.)
All of adrao’s have a difficulty level (which is kind of like a cheat code if you set it to easy and disable the ability to die.) (Icepeak Mountains, Toyko Wizard, Hero or villain, Highway wars.)
I think the verses (and heroes rise?) have an extra “warning” system you can buy.
Probably others, that’s what I can think of off the top of my head.


Thanks for that, I have them all. However, those are not wips. So far I have the village of beasts, breach 2 and blood and steel, although I don’t think it’s being worked on anymore.

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Sorry thought you wanted games or wips. Icepeak is just a Wip (but not for long!) If you class difficulty settings as a “cheat” I have a Wip called dragon chronicles which has this. I’ll have a think about if there’s anything else I’ve come across. Are you looking for any particular kind of cheat type?


Any cheat menus/codes will do. I like those where you can modify your stats, similar to the archangel job, war for the west and vampire Regent. Thanks again.

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I was able to check out the Dragon Chronicles. While it doesn’t have a full cheat menu, it still is an awesome game. A cheat menu would have made it even more fun though. For example, boosting my shelter and dragon’s stats would have freed up more of my time, allowing me to spend more time on other activities. You definitely have a great thing going there and I can’t wait to see what else will be implemented.

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Thanks @Denzil_Melgior_Nagel ! It’s still in development so I’ll see how it goes if something like that can be done. (It has a lot of moving parts which can make balancing it so it doesn’t bug out tricky, but I’ll look into if some extra options can be put in without breaking it :slight_smile: )


One other minor thing I would like you to consider is the ability to type in your own nickname. While the default nicknames are pretty cool, sometimes entering one’s own can really make it feel unique. Sorry if I am dropping my opinions on the wrong thread, but The original thread on this game seems to be closed.

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Yeah sorry, I’ve reopened the game thread to stop pulling this one any further off topic. It was still locked due to a new development that will mean a bit of a delay in suggestions being updated to the current build on dashingdon’s, but it should return better than ever so if you have any comments like this please let me know :slight_smile:

Do you mean where you can pick: Brave, clever etc? That’s potentially do-able, shouldn’t be hard to add in. Thanks again for the suggestion!

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