Released games save function?

So, most dashingdon wips have a save /load function which honestly I find really great, and I was wondering if there was the chance of released games having this feature too?

Since otherwise I just reset & spend like 10 minutes skipping thru making the same choices to try out funny dialogue options lol


@dfabulich, this sounds like users are requesting a “Save Game DLC” maybe for $0.99? :wink:

Sounds like a cool idea, but heck, im not going pay anything if its some DLC sort of thing, it will be a cheap move. Ill rather buy it stock.

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For me it’s not a necessity since hosted games and CoGs remember where you last left off anyway, but I could see it being used in some of the more involved games.

I concur with @Black_Wraith_Panthom, though. Having it as a DLC doesn’t sound like a good idea, especially since a lot of companies nowadays don’t know how to do DLC properly.

@Black_Wraith_Panthom, @RagEgnite,
You all know I was just messing around, right? :wink:

No. :no_mouth:

I thought it was a serious answer to what I think is a good question. :disappointed_relieved:

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Oh, yeah, it is a good question. :slight_smile:
But I think CoG has that “choices have consequences” philosophy in place and a save system might undermine that?
The “messing around” part was that I was joking about the 99 cent dlc, so it’s like, yeah ok we’ll forget our own principles for extra money (no, not really - that was the joke). :grin:

Yes. U’re vkkin messing up. Now clear this mess, or get grounded!

On a more serious note, though, I think this @CJW’s save plugin is not officially supported by both CoG and HG. You know, when a game get published, I believe their code is implemented with another code-stuff especially for advertising and IAP things.

To my feeling, CJW’s save plugin and this code-stuff somehow aren’t compatible, or messing up with either one will mess up the other. I mean… you know what I mean, guys. (Sry, not really a coder nor a game developer)

Besides, these released games are pretty much “old” that I think the save plugin is basically non-existent upon their development time. Probably there’s already a game or 2 WIPs queuing on HG label that have their save plugin implemented, tho.


Now…actually thinking about it, there are some games that allow to save a checkpoint but they only load if we die, on otherhand Mecha Ace if i remember has a restore function from stats menu

So yes actually saving is possible w/o DLC, its just depends on the writer if he/she wants to implement the save options.

But then again small stories dont actually need saving but the big ones with multiple branching can use some saving, ya know…saves a lot of time on scrolling through the whole story again.

But then a question arises “does it kill the replay value?” well sort of

Imagine you save the game on a crucial point the Choice A lead to good end and B leads to 'meh’
So you get the good end, get some achievements and before hitting the “end” button you load to choice B and get the hell of ending and other achievements, so yeah saving kills replay, but sometimes youll have to start over again for certain choices :wink:

all i can say is, there are some games which can use save feature but others dont require it at all.

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but if you’re already skipping all the text to get up to that choice, can it be considered replay value?

i didn’t realize mecha ace had a restore option in the menu… coulda saved me a few hours of trying to min/max

i wonder if it’s possible to mod in a save system? might look into that for personal use haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Not exactly replay…but well you start from beginning anyway lol

And for mecha ace there are only 2 save points if my memory serves me right(during the interludes?)

Most games aren’t very long in a single playthrough, even if they’re 100k± in word count. Then again, I tend to go through HGs and COGs FTL speed, even replaying…

I imagine that if one was long enough, a save system like on would at least be considered for that specific game. It’d probably have to be way longer then anything we’ve seen so far, though.

You can, that’s what the plugin used by is, a mod. As @Szaal said, CoG don’t publish games with modified code. The reason for the mod is it gives the author flexibility over save mechanics. CoG have a “no rewind” stance on things, so their shipped save system doesn’t lend itself well to replaying choice options etc.

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No, that’s something we’ve certainly discussed.

“If the players really want this thing, but we fundamentally disagree with it, why don’t we offer it to them at a premium?”

Like, “there are two/three/four savepoints in the game, available if you pay for the $.99 Savepoint DLC.”

But then we feel dirty, and push the thought aside. And then people start talking about savepoints again.


Well, thank you for replying, Jason. At least as a writer, I know that if I’m to implement a save system, I need to work around it by myself somehow.

It’s double edged sword, IMO. It can be mean more work to code, but you’ll also get more control of your game design.