Does game resume?

I thought that now the new choicescript code will resume the game where I left off if I close the page and open it again later, but now, I’ve been noticing it just starts over from the beginning. Is there something I can do to make it resume?

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I am pretty sure the WiPs and everything hosted on DashingDon does not resume; however, CoG/HG apps, or even the browser versions, are fully capable of resuming where you left off.

I wonder what determines if it will do that or not?

It’s something that is added by CoG staff themselves. I remember Dan said that they added the “resuming” function for all games when: 1) are submitted, 2) under official CoG beta-testing

Ah, thanks. It must be something that requires their server. Too bad he didn’t make this server open source also!

Technically, all WiPs can use the save function when they upload their WiPs onto Dashingdon, so they will be able to continue playing their game from a certain pointwithout issue. Granted, each update for WiPs will make those saves errors, but otherwise, one can simply just redo everything.

It also requires you to use the same browser, on the same phone/computer, so I guess there’s cookies involved.

Or maybe ip (and browser info), but it looks like only games published by CoG have this feature. Too bad, but yeah, at least we have the save game function.