Coding Challenges


So I’m back working on my game properly but I need something to procrastinate with whilst I’m doing it.

Previously I found a threat where people were discussing if it was possible to code a 2 player choicescript game and found it fun to try and push the choicescript code to create a functional 2 player game.

Is there anything else that people have tried or think would be an interesting challenge to try?

Please post any interesting game formats that you have tried to make using choicescript or post some challenges for me and other people to try and achieve using choicescript. Hopefully that will give me something to play with when I’m stuck with writing.


I thought it would be interesting in some games to have a “New Game +” option… As in, once you finish the game, you can play through again, but have the option of keeping all your accumulated stats/relationships/upgrades/etc. in the new playthrough, making it easier to unlock even harder-to-get paths.

You know, like classic SNES rpg Chrono Trigger, which has a ton of different endings, most of which are pretty impossible to get the first time you play the game.


You could potentially have a variable that becomes true upon completing the game and then set the game to loop back to the beginning again, resetting all other variables and giving a small explanation as to what’s happening. That would allow a 2nd replay with new areas unlocked thanks to the now true variable.

The problem is choicescript doesn’t really have a menu screen, it simply throws you straight into the game so there’s no way to select a game difficulty unless it’s coded into it.

I saw a thread previously where someone was asking if they could link their game to the achievements so that on future playthroughs if an achievement has already occurred they could unlock different sections of the game. Unfortunately it the outcome seemed to be that it wasn’t possible


The new game plus thingy is done by the game unnatural i think? Correct that if wrong, So yeah possible but the player write the code to get bonus than have the save imported. Unless it new game and it continue game that was published already as hosted or choice game.


Yes, that’s right, @Nocturnal_Stillness used a new game plus system in Unnatural. He could probably explain further about hows and whys.


I might have asked about that at one point. Achievements are permanent, and if CS could look to see if an achievement was earned or not in an if-statement, authors could write some interesting hooks for that.

Maybe this might be something to eventually put on the wishlist instead of tying to achievements…creating permanent “flags” that could be set and would remain set between games.


Yeah, Unnatural uses a new game plus mode but that has stat increases not continues with end game stats. But that is easily done with an end game menu.


I asked about something like this too when I first started. Here is what Nocturnal said about it. Everyone was helpful but I ended up using Nocturnal idea that was used in Unnatural.