New game+? (Is it possible?)

I tried looking for an answer to this, but I wasn’t getting anything. I’m sorry if something like this has already been answered. (Also if the topic is wrong. It was, I thought, the closest one for my question. Is creating a new topic different on mobile than on a desktop? Cause I did not get many options at all even with the search)

But anyway, is such a thing possible? Creating a new game+ in a choicescript game? How would one go about doing so, if it is?

Specifically, I was bouncing ideas off my friend for ROs as I’m still in the very early concept stages for a game, and one of the characters wasn’t possible to romance because it wouldn’t fit into the story. My friend suggested making him romanceable only in a second playthrough (via new game+) based on the choices you made in regards to him during the first playthrough. I really like the idea, but have no clue how to implement it, if I even can.


You could give the player an achievement when the game is completed, then check for that achievement in the middle of the game.


It’s also possible to create a code system my game does this and it works well imo.

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I’d have to agree with that suggestion. That’s pretty clever. However, then they would always have that achievement and could always romance him no matter what they chose on this previous playthrough. As for a true New Game+, I don’t think that’s plausible with Choicescript.

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Yeah, that’s the problem with the achievement suggestion but you can always dodge the RO or you can clear your cookies/cache and stuff so you can start from scratch

The code system mentioned above is a good one especially in the testing stages of your game, if your game gets published it may possible (not 100% sure) to use the CoG/HG email save system to start a New Game+

I didn’t think it could be so simple, hah! I think I can make that work. There is the potential problem of the player always having the achievement after that, but I think I can get around that to let a player choose to play the game in its original state before the issue of the RO comes into play if they don’t want to romance him.

I’m still very new to choicescript, so either way I do it might end up sloppy lol. But thank you very much for the answer, it was helpful!

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I feel like that could work. If they pick the no + game option you set it to reset the counter for that achievement’s variable to 0. I think that would work…?

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