Achievements unlocking content

Hi all,

I know that an achievement can be done by adding a line of code
*achieve KilledFirstBoss
or similar.

What I would like to add is:
If KilledFirstBoss has been achieved, then add a different choice that was previously invisible

Essentially, I’d like to do what a lot of visual novels do, where you play four routes and then a fifth one is unlocked. There’s a few choices that will be hidden unless certain achievements have been completed, which is where other routes are unlocked.

Does this possibility exist in ChoiceScript?


Have a read of this post on the *check_achievements command:


I would not like this feature if presented to me.

Ahhh, thanks very much, I read some of that thread but not the last few posts!

Yes, it’s not a universally enjoyed feature, but sometimes useful. Thanks for your input.

I’m far from an expert, but just off the cuff I think it would be possible, yes.
Personally, for me, how such a feature was used would decide if I liked it or not.

Achievement-gated routes are cool, done right. In Four Days In Ohtori, you have to get all main routes to unlock the silly route. It’s a reward for thorough players as well as one way to add replay value to games. While there’s room for games you get everything up front, I feel that hidden stuff has a history of bringing the curious back.

At least it’s probably a limited amount of main endings, instead of say, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows where if you didn’t load a save (any kind!) from the first PSP game, you’d have to get every single bad ending as well as the true endings of each episode to unlock the special one.

Some of those bad endings are rather horrifying, fittingly.

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