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Okay so just wondering. Spent time yesterday checking the forum, dev wiki, CoG site and came up empty. I recall reading somewhere that you can code an option to appear/unlock after a certain amount of playthroughs.

So after trying unsuccessfully to make it work I’ve decided to ask if it’s possible. This is what I tried:

*create playthrough 0

In a scene
__#option 1
__#option 2
__*if (playthrough>1) #option available after first playthrough

Ending scene
*set (playthrough+1)

__ shows example indent

So what am I doing wrong? Or, do I need to use a save in order to do this? I’m assuming It’s possible as achievements can be saved between playthroughs, unless anyone can confirm there is no way of doing this.

There’s been a few topics on this. Question on permenant variables comes to mind.

Achievements are stored somewhere separate.

It’s not possible to have a newgame+ and use the restart button. You can fake it with just a *goto_scene at the end looping back to the beginning again, or by just trusting the player, or even providing a password at the end of the first playthrough which will unlock a second one.


Thanks for the idea. I might try to fake it with the looping thing and see how that works.

The problem with that is anyone that ever hits the restart button, or that clears their cookies, loses that. And that will happen a lot for at least a significant number of players.

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So since achievements are permanent and stored separately, is it possible to refer to them?

Like, have an achievement for finishing the game and then add something like

*if gamefinishedyay
   New Game+ content

I didn’t see that addressed in the other thread, sorry if I missed the explanation.

I’m not sure. I really don’t know much about achievements since I don’t pay attention to them when playing, and they didn’t exist when I started coding. Actually I don’t think I’ve played much with achievements, since I generally play stuff before they’re implemented.

There’s a *check_achievements command, but it’s not a reliable method.

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Unnatural uses codes which works fine. For just an unlock on a second playthrough do this.

*create password “”
*create unlock false

Add an option to enter a password at the start of the game.

*input_text password
*if (password = “second”)
*set unlock true
*goto chapter_one
Wrong password.
*goto chapter_one

Then for any choice you want to be specific to a second playthrough just use

*if (unlock)
#special option.

Then add a password at the end of your game

Congratulations on finishing the game, next time you can use the password “second” to unlock new content.

Hope this helps.


Omg, thank you. I tweaked it a bit to fit my WIP but it runs well.