Playthrough-spanning achievements? How?

There are a couple of games in the library that have achievements that can only be attained after several playthroughs.
Cannonfire Concerto (i hope i remembered the name right) for example has one for buying all the outfits, which can only be done over several games.

How do I make such an achievement?


Probably there’s a “hidden” variable that keeps track of how many times you’ve encountered a scene or, like in the example you provided, keeping track of how many outfits you’re bought (which I assume you can only do once per playthrough?).

Maybe have other achievements as conditions for unlocking other achievements?



I was going to suggest the same, using achievements to unlock achievements. They are the one thing that spans playthroughs.


Yeah, but in those games you do NOT get an achievement from what i saw (couldnt check the code yet, that’s why im asking)

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The easiest way, I can imagine is faking the restart page by creating an choice that brings you per label Back to the start. But I am Not sure If that will Work after release

Perhaps @HannahPS could help creme de la Creme has achievements that recognize getting them before.

That’d be great, cause I tried looking into Cannonfire’s coat now, and I have no idea how it’s done. By all means, the variables used should reset each playthrough by the looks of the startup O_o


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In other words, a new playthrough would reset all variables, unless a “reset” is induced by this sorcery… So the “reset” would be treated as a continuation instead of a new start…


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Do you know other games that have achievements over more than one playthrough, I’d like to code Dive. But I need more sources to consider.

I know Choice of Vampire has a lot of achievements. That might be a good source to consider.


Good luck!


I don’t think so I’m afraid, sorry! I only remember seeing Cannonfire Concerto that’s got that setup.

okay, I dove a bit deeper into the Cannonfire code and I still don’t get it. Like, the variable used only adds a +1 to clothes, but that should nevertheless reset upon a new game.

This is mindboggling.

Allow me to help you on your quest for:

If you’re not familiar with the game, the code might look… daunting…

thanks but, it’s not really helping

@MeltingPenguins What is the code for the final ‘obtained all clothes’ achievement firing? That should tell us what method is sitting underneath the persistence.

Is this what folks are looking for?:


Thanks, but that’s not it. Cannonfire doesn’t give achievements for buying clothes individually, the achievement somehow triggers after you’ve reached a certain number of clothes which isn’t possible in one playthrough O_o

Or maybe i’m just going cuckoo


I would guess the programming part for the achievements is located in the Javascript part of choice script

Are you sure it’s not possible to do so in one playthrough? As far as I can see in the game’s startup file there is nothing out of ordinary. It has tracked variables for:

  1. Each item of clothes you own. These variables are used to unlock corresponding options during the choice “what to wear for the concert”.
  2. How many items of the same type you have. For example, each time you unlock a coat or a jacket, it gives +1 to the variable totaljackets. I presume that once this variable hits 6, you are granted the achievement “Jacket Enthusiat: Collect six coats and jackets”. The same thing for collecting 4 hats, 3 wigs, 6 dresses/gowns. And for having a caftan and a cape simultaneously.

I don’t have this game, so I can’t check the chapters where these achievements are granted, but from the startup file they are based on regular variables. I doubt that the trick is in the redirecting to the new game from epilogues file, otherwise it would be possible to get the achievement for 6 dresses choosing exactly same dress in the first chapter for 6 playthroughs. Or it would require many additional ifs in the scene where the last (chronologically) piece of clothes is supposed to be obtained: to check if the counting variable is >=4 or 6 and to check if other items of the required set are actually obtained.


Are we sure the number of clothes Cannonfire Concerto gives an achievement for isn’t doable in one playthrough? :sweat_smile:

Edit: Ninja’ed by @Riful

Unless I completely missed something in my playthroughs, it isn’t.

I’m so confused.