Stat tracking, multiple playthroughs?


Would there be any way to keep track of certain stats between playthroughs? I haven’t tinkered around yet to try to find a way to do so, but would the whole “new game” thing wipe the slate no matter what? Suggestions or experince with experimenting?


I’m pretty sure, other then achievements, when you restart a game using the built in method, everything is wiped out. Your best bet is to reset all your variables yourself, except the ones you want to keep of course. It’ll be a bit of a pain, especially if your project grows in size and the number of variables increases with it, but if you keep adding those variables to the ‘reset’ portion of your code, you should be good to go!


You could set a *label at the start of your project set a *choice at the end with either *goto label or *finish

Then you could copy all of your stats from the startup page to occur again at the very end just before the *choice

Then delete the stats from the end that you want to remain persistent.

That would probably give you a similar effect to the game restarting and keeping some stats persistant

Make sense?

**edit: this would create an issue if you have choices that are removed once chosen however. Unless the aim was for that to happen to prevent playthroughs being the same.

If you wanted to be really complex you could setup *if statements with a playthroughs counter that gave new choices in parts each playthroughs.