Saving Stats When Restarting Game?


Hi guys! I’m looking to set up a game in which stats persist from one play-through of a story to the next. For example, on Playthrough 1, all stats begin at 0. Once the story is finished, I want to have the option for the player to allow their stats to persist through a restart (particularly, for example, a bad end) so that on Playthrough 2, the reader can unlock choices that might not have been available the first time around. This way the reader does not have to max out their stats on the first pass-through to achieve a specific ending, and if they’ve decided they want to go a different route next time, they can do so more easily with the buff they garnered from previous attempts. (I also like the idea of starting off in a fairly simple but challenging story-arc that can be re-done more easily – and with occasional new branches – with multiple play-throughs. I am thinking of something like a Dark Souls of multi-path stories.)

So far the closest that I have come to a save feature that isn’t hosted by CoG (I’m not nearly close enough to finished to see that anything is hosted!) is the *Show_password option, but I think that this only allows a story to advance from a certain point, not to go back to start with stats intact. I am also looking at Terminal and (I think? The page’s outlink is not working anymore!) Unnatural which appear to use this idea to continue on to new instalments.

If anyone has any links or thoughts on persistent stats throughout multiple playthroughs, I’d be thrilled to have them!


Unnatural uses CJWs save system it also uses *input_text variable for the “New Game Plus” mode.

its perfectly possible to add an option at the end of the game that sends the player back to the start but would keep the stats as they were.


I would put *goto_scene startup and not bother with the *finish command.


That’s so simple and clever! I would never have thought of it!

I’ll have to give it a try, thanks!


No problem :slight_smile: