Altering the code of *ending

Wondering if someone can help here. I want to change the coding of ending (or write a new one to use in its place). If someone selects “play again” I want them to NOT be taken to the startup page as I want to keep saved variables between playthroughs (and instead redirect to an alternate startup page that leaves some variables set as they were), but by the same token I don’t think I should get rid of the normal ending that has the other options of email list, other games etc. Is there a way to do this? Thanks :slight_smile:

I think we had a conversation about this recently, regarding keeping a playthrough. I think you can just include a choice for doing new game +, or going to the normal end screen and restarting.

For the alternative startup, you can shorten a lot of the work by copying your startup file and replacing create with set then going through to see what needs to reset (flags, and the like), and what should stay the same (presumably, stats).

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Yep done that :slight_smile:
I guess I was hoping to take out the save with previous build vs save without kinda choice as I have 2 separate paths you can choose at the beginning and if they play the other path it will still keep their alternate character in storage. (Due to the nature of the game one character can be reloaded, but the one on the other cannot.) I can see it creating a lot of confusion if people select save the character when playing path 2 and it doesn’t save, or don’t save and then have their path one character deleted. I can keep the saved character in the background until the player wants them brought out or creates a new one, but just need to be able to skip the startup. Am I making sense? Hope so :confounded:

I can probably mess with the internal code (I know I can definitely do it on the compliled html file so assume there’d be a way to do this somewhere in the source code, but I think COG prefers games not to be altered in random ways like this.

Edit: I may just have to do something a bit clunky like this unless someone has any more elegant suggestions. At least it should work and hopefully not confuse anyone too much.

	#Play once more? 
		*goto_scene startstory
	#End the game. (Removes any character customisation saves.)

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Hmm. Didn’t one of the “Meta Human Inc.” ends where just like that? Though it re-seted back almost all the character’s stats.

I don’t remember that. Possibly, it’s been a while since I last read it. Might need to go take another look when I have time.

It was when you end trapped in the alien’s former world. Exploring it, you’ll find a time travel device that sends you back to the begin.

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