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UPDATE I since realised that my “problem” has a simple work-around. I can simply create a custom ending scene and call that at the end of my story, instead of using *ending . Replies still welcome, but probably no longer necessary?


I have recently commenced serious work on a long-time passion project of mine, where I’m creating a series of interactive “pulp adventure” stories. These will all be free to read and hosted personally by me.

Writing and artwork for several stories is already underway and as a result I’ve found myself delving into every nook and cranny of ChoiceScript in order to hopefully achieve the best possible outcomes for the finished product. Which brings me to my question:

Is there any way to adjust the choices that appear at the end of the game? I’m referring specifically to the “Play more games like this” link.

I’m not trying to remove the link to ChoiceScript, but more specifically, to add a link of my own. As my stories will be part of a series, I would like to link back to them so that “more stories like this” (or similar text) actually goes to my own website and the off-site link to “more ChoiceScript games” is labelled differently. Or something like that.

In case I haven’t made it clear enough, I’m not trying to get rid of any links to ChoiceScript. I’m eager to promote my use of it and the endless possibilities that it provides to story-tellers. But for the purpose of cohesion, I’d also like to be able to differentiate between my own specific niche-targeted series and ChoiceScript official / hosted games in the links that show up when the game ends.

I love how trying to explain even something simple can become difficult in only a sentence or two.

If somebody can decipher my ramblings, and offer some advice that’d be great. :slight_smile:

I think you can ask and request any kind of weird thingimabob when you submit your work on the HG submission form.

Ofc that includes adding your own “link” into that final *ending choice as well as other stuffs like removing achievement section or removing stats screen.

Thanks, Szaal.

Thing is, I’m not currently planning on submitting my stories as Hosted Games, but hosting them myself on my own server.

This is why I’d prefer to link back to my own website, so that they can read another story from the series I am creating, rather than sending them off-site to the official Choicescript hosted games.

Thats not to say I want to remove the choicescript links entirely. I’m more than happy to include them, I’d just like to be able to give my readers the choice to go back to my own website (where they originated from) when they finish a story.

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Oh, I see. Hmm…
Since ChoiceScript is a property of CoG and you’re going to host it yourself, I’d recommend to contact Dan or Jason directly (preferably via e-mail, but not sure if support AT choiceofgames DOT com is the proper place to reach them about this)