Link in Game


Does anyone know how to easily allow web links in ChoiceScript? For example, if I want a link that looks like this:

So that you can easily click on it?


The only way I can think of is by editing the index.html and the link that appears at the bottom of the page (Love it? Hate it? Write us at

I’m not sure if choicescript allows links in game…


Currently it doesn’t allow for links, I was mostly just wondering if someone knew enough JavaScript to tell give me an idea of what I’d need to do for a minor hack. An idle hope.


Welp, just got my question answered. *link is a valid commands just drop the link after it and CS will turn it into a hyperlink.


Is it possible to add a internal hyperlink to work much like the *goto_scene command does in order to display some background info or secondary text about a subject if the reader wishes to do so? this could allow your story to have more depth if the reader chooses to read more by their own choice by clicking on the hyperlink. I suspect you currently cannot, but thought to ask and if there is some sort of work around. But would be a nice feature don’t you think?

The command could be designed similar to goto label, where either there is a default footnotes scene and the descriptive text is shown directed by the label name. The player then clicks on back to return to which ever scene or part of a scene they were at.
Or you can specify the main scene and then the label with something like…*link_scene history label42

This could be useful to give a quite bio of a character or more elaborate description of a room or explain some tech in more detail which if put in the main game might put off readers who hate wall of text or slow pacing of a story in its beginning.


IDK how difficult it would be to implement links like that (either natively to CS, or as an outside piece), but there are two ways to do with easily within the current structure. The first (the weaker of the two possibilities) is if you want the page to be optionally viewable and in line with the rest of the game, just include the option to view their bio as a choice. The major weakness is in pacing, as I think such an option would be detrimental to pacing a game nine out of ten times, while the minor weakness is in it not being able to be displayed again (which can be shored up with using the second option). The second option is to include it as part of the stats screen under a choice. There’s at least a handful of games out there as options.


Thanks for your reply.

I did think of the stats screen. Such as in books where you have a reference number you look up at the back of the book to read some further info. But then you might need to have a lot of IF conditions to track which info/index number to display the text which would be a lot of work. As for pacing it of course having to go to the stats menu and then select a choice to read something is a little convoluted. Ideally a hyperlink with a popup window that has a sentence or paragraph would be better, and this would be a tool not to be overused. It would be a way to flesh out characters or a scene if the reader wants it. This could aid stories that has a fantasy story world that the reader wants to be reminded what something is for an example if they want to rather than being forced to read.