Saving Setup Choices

Hello all, I’m new to the forums, but have been a longtime Choice Of Games fan, and I was really excited to learn about Choicescript.

Anyway, my question is if it’s possible to save a character profile for a player. That is, after they go through the initial setup of “What’s your name?” “What’s your homeland?” “Did you spend time reading books, or playing sports?” etc. etc. that is often at the start of the game, if they choose to replay the game, can they skip it with the same choices? Of course they would still be able to change this, but if a player wants to replay the game and see how different choices would affect the same character, being able to skip the initial setup would greatly add to the replayability.

I don’t think there’s a way to do this, but I wonder how difficult it would be to implement such functionality into Choicescript. Either way, it’s no big deal, just something I thought that would help players like me who tend to play the same character a few times before changing them.

If the user has a second play through after completing the game, it could be easily set to keep the previous choices. The writer would have to specifically add this in though, and depending on the game it could involve a lot of new variables. An alternative method, which I use for Blackraven, is a quick start mode where you bypass the story and just set your attributes.

Really? How would I be able to do that? Don’t all variables get wiped? Or are you thinking I set up an ending page before the actual end with an option that sends someone back to the beginning and have variables that were created at the beginning to store the stats post-setup?

And yeah, I plan on having the option to skip the introductions and all that, I’m thinking about a way to save on the clicking of all the buttons each time.

Exactly as you described! You would manually have to reset all the non-character generation related variables and use *gotoscene to send them back to the start.

Mm, alright. Would be handy if there were an easier way, but I’ll remember this. I do have a lot of variables, but it shouldn’t be very hard to do this.

I used to use a ‘developer menu’ to skip to a certain part of the game and test it before I discovered Quicktest and Randomtest. Here’s how I set it up:

What's your name?
*input_text name
*if (name = "DEV")
 *set gender "male"
 *goto dev_menu
*label dev_menu
 #Chapter select
   #Chapter 1
    *goto_scene chapter1
   #Chapter 2
    *goto_scene chapter2
   #Chapter 3
    *goto_scene chapter3
   #Chapter 4
    *goto_scene chapter4

You could also add in whatever else you want, like manual variable editing etc. Have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks @gkkiller. Figured I could do something like that to test, I’m more concerned with my poor players at release though, haha :stuck_out_tongue: