Character Profiles

In my game, I want players to be able to save their character and then be able to bring it up later.

I don’t mean a game that auto saves or anything like that, since when you host your game with CoG, it’s already provided.

What I’m asking is for a way to allow players to save their current progress as “profiles”, and then bring it up at a later date.

My game greatly encourages replay ability to get new classes, badges, achievements, weapons, and armor. But after your through with the main story, you’ll be able to continue as your character, or make a new one, saving the achievements and badges you got with your old character.

My idea is that when a player finishes the game, they will unlock a new class by reaching a certain level, or reaching a certain ending. When they do, they’ll be able to make a new character and replay the game using that character, but when they want to go back to their character they already finished the game with and mess around, they can go to the Profiles option, select it, and bring it up.

For instance, the choices would be something like:
#{firstname} {lastname} / {username} / {health} / {level} / {gold} / ${class}

And they’ll be able to find the account they want to access by the stats shown in each choice.
I don’t if it’s possible to save their stats, make a new choice (or make a choice seeable), insert the stats and what area they were in when they saved, then reset their stats and allow them to make a new game, and when they load up the old game, replace all the stats and the page they were on.

It seems impossible, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

My guess, just don’t use *ending - create your own ending choices, with one being #Play again; if you want them to be able to use their ending again, you could use a *show_password and *restore_game function at a beginning point of the game, maybe.

The problem is that the commands for *show_password and *restore_game I believe is part of a modification to Choicescript as far as I can tell, and CoG requires you to remove all modifications to their engine before you publish it.

Show password and restore game are both default interpreter functions (they’re not modifications).

As CJW said, they’re already embedded in the original files, though if I remember, you have to turn on one or the other, but the fact that they were made by COG should be fine with them after publishing. It’s things like adding original scripts that create difficulties when publishing onto other platforms, porting to certain systems and such.