Importing Save Data

I have had a couple requests to have games give the user the option to import save data from previous games. Is such a thing possible, or would I simply have to ask users questions on how they finished the previous game?

I’m struggling with this myself. However, I think some of the solutions that were given to me should work for you. The one I believe would work best is the ChoiceScript show_password command. (documentation).

This command generates the equivalent to a save, obfuscates it (makes it unreadable to the player so they can’t cheat), and then displays it in a text box. The player can then save this password somewhere on their device. All the player would have to do to continue where you last let them copy a password would be to input it. To let them do this, you can use the restore_game command (I can’t give you the wiki page for this one because it doesn’t exist). Just put a choice asking the player if they would like to continue from an earlier save and then somehow use the restore password command (I’m really sorry that I don’t know how, I can’t find any documentation on it. Hopefully someone else knows.) to allow the player to enter the password and get back to where they left off.