WIP: The Trilogy of Blood and Marble Updated +5,592 17/4 (Greco-Roman Insipired Fiction)

The Trilogy of Blood and Mable is set in a world inspired by Greco-Roman history and mythology, where you play as the last born child of the King of Aeqivios, one of the many kingdoms in the land.

But while you are born into luxury surviving against the scheming court, power hungry nobles and rebelling slaves will put you to the test.

How will you achieve greatness in this harsh world? How will your name be remembered? Will the poets lavish it in praise? Or will even the lowest slave spit on your name?

Will you even be remembered at all?

Key Features

  • A vibrant story world to explore including gladiator games, grand religious ceremonies and seemingly divine correspondence.
  • Four romance options which develop and continue over the three books.
    (Their genders change according to MC sexuality choice, I know some people dislike this method but it’s easier for me to write four high quality romances than try to write a long list of ROs eg. 2 characters for each sexuality).
  • High stakes and important story changing decisions.
Romance Options

Ambrosia/Ambrosios Klorentinos
Heir to the wealthiest family in the Kingdom they stand with their head held high. With gleaming blond hair, turquoise eyes, tan skin and an athletic body it is said that even the Gods marvel at their beauty.
Their words from their tongue drip sweet, but can they be trusted?

Xenia/Xenon Dexsios
Belonging to the powerful Dexsios family, who ruled the kingdom before being overthrown by your very own dynasty, should grant them much power in court. However, they are an outcast after growing up among slaves in the Kingdom of Inhent when they were stolen as a baby.
While their pale blonde hair and ice blue eyes they have the looks of a Dexsios, but can they put their past behind them?

Mehran/Mitra Yazadiyar
With deep brown skin and even deeper green eyes, they stand apart from your court. Bold and uninhibited they are the child of a diplomat of the Kingdom of Toprakar, a diplomat’s main duty of cause to spy on the local nobles.

Nikutai Moriyan
Another child of a diplomat, hailing from the Kingdom of Caeqi they possess golden skin, dark black hair with even darker eyes. But unlike Yazadiyar they will be found at the bottom of a bookshelf, not their wine glass.

Demo link as of 17/04/21


17/4 5592 words (not code)


A soon as I got to the hair color i got this message

startup line 325: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block.

I remember there was another story in the same context as yours but we played a monster from ancient Rome forcibly transformed by the magic of that time and they used us as Roman entertainment and we debated whether to continue in that life in exchange for glory. as a celebrity or escape in search of your family and freedom.

I can’t choose light blonde hair color :pensive:


Omg, I just finished playing it, and I loved it, I’m always excited to play a game where we get to be royalty, anyways, can’t wait for the next update!

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Just finished the demo! It looks super interesting so far; I love reading the lores that was included. The ending was quite :open_mouth: though!!! Really makes me wonder what will happen next!


When I play as either male or female this happens

When playing, I received these errors:

startup line 273: Non-existent command ‘pgoto’

Seven line 27: increasing indent not allowed, expected 4 was 5

Have you been using randomtest and quicktest? If not, you should think about starting. It just isn’t possible for a human to catch every possible error in a sizeable game, and passing both is a requirement if you are planning to publish it.


Oooooh! This is really promising!
I haven’t noticed any typos or encountered any bugs so far :slight_smile:

Will definitely be keeping an eye out for this :heart:

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This is really interesting, it’s worth following it’s progress.

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Goddess killing the mc family ? i feel a revenge coming up :thinking:

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Hello there, found something.

Well I’m definitely going to keep a close eye on this. The fact the MC is apparently loved by all their family members and then watching them die in front of their eyes must be both heartbreaking and traumatizing. Looking forward to reading more


omg thank you! No I have not I’ll check that out!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much!!

@M_Trakar @Mei_Hiroshi @Constantine @Writing_Fever @shadyShadow

Hi!! I have fixed these issues, thank you for playing!

Thank you for saying that!

That’s so great to hear!

Yeah I know right, royalty is the best escape

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