[WIP] The Seven: Dawn Of The Gods (ON A BREAK)

You don’t remember much about your father but your mother often tells you stories about him.
How he was kind.
How he was brave.
How he was smart.
How you will one day, you will be like him.

Life in Marblecoast, Florida has never been easy, your mother tackling two jobs, you get bullied every day at school and your best friend is your german shepherd, Ale. Ahhh life could be better, could it? you still ask your mother about your father, why did he leave, where is he, is he ever coming back?

your “perfect” life is flipped on its head when you learn the deadly secret you are the child of an ancient race of alien deities. People with unlimited power able to shape and destroy universes, people who have been there from “The Creation” and you wield a small amount of that infinite power and you’re not the only one

Armed with Asterokensis (manipulation of cosmic energy), new friends (or should you call them your cousins?) you set out to find your parents

The universe is your oyster.

  • Explore a new plant called the Ather home of the god’s
  • Play as male or female or other
  • Play as straight, gay, bisexual or asexual
  • Multiple romance options
  • Learn to control and master your powers
  • Battle the old gods and fight for the very balance of the universe

The Seven: Dawn Of The New Gods

Finally! Now that’s out of the way let me use my amazingly powerful brain to answer some questions I know are gonna be asked.

When is this coming out? : By May hopefully
Who are the enemies in this game?: All shall be revealed, my friends.
Who are the romance options: Simple answer, your cousins :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I know what you’re thinking don’t worry (Spoiler alert), you’re not actually related

OK little summary about me, I’m a big fan of choice of games, I’m rather new to this so all your support is very much so appreciated (HINT: leave a comment on what you think) I will be creating a twitter where I shall update on how it’s going so far and how much I have written. if this does well do expect the second book and if you’re still reading this thanks.

NEW GODS UNITE (I’m still working on it)

Love you guys and gals, LET’S GET TO IT!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OliverFell2
Taste Of The Seven: https://dashingdon.com/play/oliverfell-/the-seven-dawn-of-the-gods/mygame/index.php?cb=80294


This looks interesting! I like games like this one!


This game might be a hit one day


I’m really not comfortable with this as they still are (in spirit) my(character’s) cousin(s) and I’d love to see atleast 2 ROs that are not out cousins… :slightly_smiling_face:




Ehem… Enough jokes. Time to be a forum member and ask some questions.

Alien deities… (I thought you were going sci-fi)

Will you let us know why our father came in our world?

Does Mommy know that Papi was a powerful deity that can use Spirit Bomb and Kamehameha Wave at the same time?

How many RO “cousins” do you plan? And is there an RO who is not my cousin or someone who I do not think of as a cousin?

How many gods do you plan? Is is something like the Greek gods where there is the god of the sea, fire and etc?

… Yum. :smirk:

That’s all I want to ask for now. :smile:


Can we be related and still romance them? (asking for a friend)


Ooooh really? :upside_down_face:


I don’t like that upside down smile. Seems fishy.

Jokes aside if the MC is the child of an alien deity, then the children of your father’s ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ technically aren’t related to you. Do these deities share any relation with each other?


Honestly, this reminds me of Percy Jackson and the Olympians the Lightning Thief book… It still seems interesting, so I look forward to reading it.


At first, I saw that this story takes place in Florida, so I was excited. Then I read the rest of the game concept. Oh boy I can’t wait to play this game!


This sounds interesting, and Ill definitely be tracking it.

Can we also be bi or ace, or are our only options straight and gay?

I’m going to play this game because: A dog called Ale. Had a shepherd called Whiskey when I was little. And he was awesome

Seriously? Ever hear of this? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_World_(comics)

On that note, if the author actually intends to have this published professionally they might care to change some of the nomenclature to make sure Warner/DC doesn’t throw a fit.

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What is this an anime?
Now that the customary “joke” is out of the way
How exactly will Asterokensis work will the cosmic energy act like a physical object or will it allow you to manipulate space and energy around you?

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I wonder if @idonotlikeusernames would be willing to weigh in on whether or not the use of “New Gods” in this setting violates any existing intellectual property?

You scared me for a second.

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Clearly you’ve never read the book, otherwise you would agree that the main character in this WiP has an almost identical back story to the main character in the Percy Jackson book; they both get bullied a lot at school, they both have a single parent mother that only says good things about the “deadbeat” father, and they both find out that the “deadbeat” father is a god/diety, they both have to go on an adventure with their “cousins” to find their parents. In the Percy Jackson book the goal is for him to save his mom and meet his dad. So far from what the summary says, you only go on the adventure to meet you dad. It still doesn’t change the fact that both backgrounds are nearly identical to each other.

Unfortunately no, I have not for if I had then I would have left the comment on how this sounded like a combination of the Percy Jackson book and the Fourth World comic. But, alas, I do not have the luxury to read comic books, though I wish I did. And no, I am not being sarcastic when I call comic book reading a luxury. They are just too expensive for me to afford, and thus far I have not found a website that let’s me read them for free…


revealed? :confused:

Cap you.

Yay, I get to do my job before it even comes out.

Ok, how distant do we think they are? How distant do they think we are? What are my cousins like? Is it limited or is everyone bi?


I like where this is going! I can guarantee that this is going to get really popular! Am excited to see what the actual story is gonna turn out!:blush: