[WIP] Red Herring (Working Title) (2/19: Chapter 3 Updated)

Funny, if the MC decided they wanted to date Dr. Abyssus, I would think that would be rather straightforward.

“So how about next time you kidnap me we make it 5 pm Friday? Do you like Italian? I know a good place. And there’s this movie I’ve been wanting to see. You’re paying off course, that’s just proper kidnapper kidnappee etiquette. Ask anyone.”


Ha! They might just agree to that if you also agree to the obligatory session of being tied up and playing the part of the bait for the hero. Then maybe dining in an Italian place, followed by (possibly) some impressive fireworks - if you are so inclined. Just don’t mention words like ‘friend’ or ask them if they like you, and you probably will be fine.

Unfortunately, 5 pm is the time for Very Important Villainous Activity, but … they might invite you to participate once they like you enough. You’ll know what that is in chapter 4 :wink:


poor mc, cant catch a break. honestly thought i would go for the villain but man is the hero just so sus rn. like who the fuck are you, did the mc lose their memories or something?

this was such a good read. everytime i just kept asking myself, what is up with whirlwind and their supposed connection to the mc? im at the edge of my seat and im ready to go crazy with weird theories. cant wait for the next chap


Thank you! I am glad that I managed to instil some suspense. And I hope that when the truth is out, it does not disappoint!

To be honest every single one companion is … kind of sus. Whirlwind is just the most obvious one so far. It is my original design that, if the player pieces some or all of the three secrets together, they will know what exactly happened - and learn the real culprit behind this mess.


Minor update: edited Chpater 1 and 2 again, and added a bit of lore at the end (because I find there is too much lore dump in chapter 3).

There is a branch of plot at the later part of chapter 3 that ties to chapter 4. It is … tricky to code. I might leave the alternative branch unfinished until at least I am done with chapter 5.

Now, off to sleep!


“Disable the turrets by working them out.” was greyed out, despite my 70% brilliance and that being the option I used the first time I played.

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It wasn’t a test of how good your brilliance is, it’s the chance to pick a different stat to get some points in.
I just tried the game and it seems like there’s nothing that uses stats yet, or at least I didn’t encounter anything.
But the question of what your job is and the question of how you help are both questions to raise a stat to 70 and 60.

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Yeah it is intended for the player to choose a secondary stat (your job is your primary stat) but maybe I did not make it very clear. Maybe I will just add a note before the choice then.

Not gonna lie, im not big on being normal among super people, but when the villain mysteriously decided the i was the hero’s weakness nd the hero knowing where tf i am and seeming like shes known for a long time and we’re close friends. I was like hold the hell on the math aint mathin nd got really into it. Good writing cant wait for more


I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. When I found out the mc is just a normal person in a world of powers I thought the game would be boring and the mc is just a backseat driver.

But what draws me in is that every character is hiding a secret and somehow connected to us especially the hero who wouldn’t even drop hint.

Surprising I enjoy the bad guy despite everything especially the whole kidnapping thing. I’m looking forward to more


My first reaction is that the whole superhero-villain thing is basically professional wrestling.

They decided to add a “fight over the guy/gal” storyline and we were just the unlucky schmuck chosen at basically random.

Maybe I’m too cynical.


The hero knows us from somewhere and the villain is just using it as bait. We’ll literally playing tug of war without knowing why. They are both sus but hopefully the detective can give some answers after getting kidnapped again of course lol


This story is very fun and interesting! We’re just a poor human stuck in a cat-and-mouse game between a hero that knows (and likes) us and a villain that just sees us as a tool to be used for their benefit (for now :smirk:). Then of course we have a hired detective on the case to help us out and potentially fall in love with as well! I like that this game is more on the funny/chill side of things. The plot still gets shown clearly throughout but it’s not too serious/dark. It seems like it could be a very fun and lighthearted replay-able story. Of course we’ve only seen a short part of the story so far but these are my observations/thoughts as of now. Supernatural, mystery, and romance? I’m hooked!

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This was a very entertaining read…I will be watching your career with great interest

@kizzygm I am delighted that you think so! Yeah, each of them holds a secret, and they are, to a degree, connected. I hope I can keep the suspense going :wink:

@Christopher_Bull The Detective is working at their best, but the MC’s case is particularly tricky! Don’t worry, you will get a chance of obtaining more clues in the next chapter (whether it is through sneaking around, cajoling or reverse psychology).

@stsword You know, your first guess is actually not far off from the truth … well, for one of them. The other party in this fiasco actually has no idea.

@MadDog5 Yeah I want to keep the majority part chill and fun, but I don’t know, maybe half way it all descends into some sort of unholy abomination of grim-dark and weird humour. But I try my best :slight_smile:

@DarthRevantheGreat I am honoured, esteemed Darth Revan! (Or are you secretly Palpatine in disguise?)


Update: Chapter 3 should be finished, but I might add more choices and adjust some paragraphs later. Finger-crossed that I did not break anything.


Are you born here?” Should be Were rather. The good detective isn’t being born right now, after all. :slight_smile:

“My mother was a Powered,” Roberta explains. “I am sure you are familiar with the history: a clandestine energy plant detonated in the Underworld thirty years ago, and then Powered individuals started to emerge from the ruins of the explosion. But the effect was not contained within the zone, and dwellers living near were likewise affected. My mother discovered her mutation after a … gruesome accident, and she fled, taking me with him. When it turned out I am unlikely to have powers, she set up a place nearing the wall for me. It is a relatively safe place, made up of mostly humans or individuals with inconsequential powers.”

Should be her. The tenses don’t match there, I’d suggest “When it turned out I was unlikely to get powers.”

“Wait!” You hear Roberta cries. !{he_r} emerge from a block of rock, looking rather dishevelled with a mess of dark brown curls and a dust-smeared face. “You have to take me with him.”

Should be disheveled


Thanks, it should be fixed. ‘Dishevelled’ appears to be the British variant so maybe I should keep it?

Update: A small revision of some paragraphs in chapter 1 and 3. Chapter 4 is ongoing, but I might get busy for the next few weeks. It is another long chapter, because depending on who you go after and what you do with them, you get different clues.


Finally found this game after an hour of searching, glad its not dead. Please change the name lol.

Also glad its not dead unlike Night Hunters or Superhero Secret Agent, keep up the great work author. Every game I’ve seen is a basic hero game, this one seems interesting