WiP Out of The Ground

Ma name Jeff.
No it’s not.

I am (kinda) new to CoG, and have been exploring the WiP category from since I made my account. The games that I’ve read/played has inspired me to do one by myself.

Here goes:

This game is set in the Medieval Times. During that time, magic was practiced by all sorts of people. The magics are sometimes used for good measures like healing, but for others, to gain power. Thus someone had practiced the art of Necromancing. That someone had created an army of the dead to conquer the land, or perhaps the world if it grows strong enough. And guess what? You were revived as well.

But you’re different from the rest. You are protected by someone. You need to find that someone. Probably just to say thanks. Jk, I haven’t figured out for what yet. So you walk the lands for the second time, and in that time, war between the dead and the alive(?) had commenced. You are thrown into the middle of it.

In this game, you can(have to):
-Find clues of the Necromancer
-Figure out who your guardian is
-Fight for the dead, humans, or for yourself
-Perhaps find love
-Somehow change the outcome of the war
And more

Multiple endings in mind. Will tell when the time is right.

So far, I’ve done like 5% of the story, but is already excited to share the story with you guys. It will go on slowly since I have my studies still going on. And I’m also having some trouble figuring out what’s best for the intro.

Thanks for lending your time. Sorry for I worst English. Cheers from Malaysia.


Hey, your English is a lot better than most of us can do in a foreign language, so I would not apologize for it. You may need some help with proofing on your story though.

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Really interesting idea! I cannot WAIT for you to release a demo!

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Youre english isnt bad at all. Also looking forward to this WiP (I hope I can turn the war into something that benefits me).


It’s a good idea and like the others said your English isn’t “bad” and even if, working on this story will probably help you to hugely improve it, also because we have various people on the forum that are great for spell checking and finding grammar mistakes, so you will get help with it.

Now questions: Have you any plans for character customization, especially will it be possible to choose the MC’s gender? Also will there be a non-binery option, when we are already talking about gender choices?

(Also doesn’t healing technically belong to Necromancy, at least in most settings? Is that different in this world?)


Genders, or course there will be choices on it. I have created a new way to ask for the gender rather than just straight up asking “Is your character male,female or non binary?”

And about the healing part, I meant like the healing was to cure the living. And the necromancy revives the dead.

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Oh? Well I’m curious now about this new way.

To be fair, the difference between both is probably not that clear cut…would a CPR spell already be necromancy?

:sweat_smile: But I guess that’s just my DnD background being nitpicky. For me Healing will always be just one side of Necromancy if we see it as ways to “manipulate the energies of life and death” like dnd puts it so nicely. (No, healing is not conjuration, that was a stupid idea, that’s why we ignore it)

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