(WIP)Mind over Matter

Hello, I’m Arcamiel and I’ve been wanting to make a choice script game for a while now, and finally I have something of a playtest. It’s VERY early still, and a LOT is subject to change. I’m looking for pretty much any kind of feedback and would also like to point out that english is not my first language, so if there are any grammatical errors, I’d appreciate the help.

Currently I’ve mostly finished the prologue(About 6400 words), although again, it is subject to change. I don’t currentely have a set update schedule, since I’ve just started it.

Any other suggestions are also welcome. Aside from that, I hope you have fun

In Mind over Matter you play as a male, female or non-binary person, while you discover and grow your powers. Fight for justice, or for your very own right to exist. Make your ambitions true or try to live a normal life. All that while the sarcastic, snarky voice of an ancient psionic entity speaks in your head. But beware, with the power you hold, there will be many trying to use you for their own ambitions, can you steel your will in front of this menace, or will your mind shatter under the pressure.

Last updated in 10/16/23
To playtest, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/14749


I love the demo so far, I have always been a fan of esper characters so this caught my interest quickly.


Off to a good start. I’m already enjoying the entity’s quirks. The only thing I would say is maybe making it clear that the choice at the start is our best skill.


This is good, i like it.

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I’d suggest a browsing option- It’s not like when first playing the game we know what all the options are, so maybe not force us to spend points before we see what we can get.

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Sounds interesting

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Hi! Nice demo👍

Here’s an error I’ve encountered when I wanted to choose my own eye color:

Also, after the text about the end of the demo, your game goes back to choosing how to break out from the room.

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Thanks for the feedback. I actually was checking some stuff an found the eye bug myself, so by next update it will be fixed. But I’ll look into what the end of the demo bug is about.

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I love this so far!

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