[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



Brother I’m all about the female gender lock!! It’s in many ways another rise power story in a completely different sphere and I love it!!! I’m like a masculine beard man fellow. Once I saw he with handling gender lock tin the demo I am totally down for this gender lock. Considering we can still become the holy father as a female which is deliciously better. Because it requires of him to write a plausible way that could happen and for that alone I’m excited. But honestly there’s so much good stuff going on I’m just giddy.


I’m fangirling so much right now!


This character’s story takes place a couple of generations after the events of FohB. How would bringing up a person who lived a century ago (?) explain or shed some light on the MC’s family? A better way of doing that would be talking about the MC’s living family members, don’t you think? The Earls in between the first one and the current one more or less maintained the policies set up by the first.

Actually that was more or less a “miracle” or an act of God. Or maybe it was someone pulling a prank. At the knighting ceremony the MC was exhausted and sleep deprived. Who knows what really happened?

In the demo we get to meet and spend time (depending on your choices) the first RO. More to come.

Yes you are, don’t lie. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I knew it. :upside_down_face:


That’s a fair point, I suppose that my point was to have your original family decisions matter in some way, even if they only get a sentence or two, fro example, if you sent your MC’s brother to the University, maybe he discovered something and the second game defended that, kind silly I know.

Yeah, that was a poor word choice. However, I believe in some cases, high peity allows you to achieve things in the fist game, despite not being your own skill. Is this luck? Placebo effect? Divine intervention? This game focuses on religion and I am curious if that stuff will be explored.

I wouldn’t consider it pushing, I will still get the game and try to enjoy it no matte what, I was just giving an opinion about what might make it more enjoyable, but I’ll play it regardless so I wouldn’t say it was a push.


Would love to play another Lords of Aswick game… Gender locked female is unfortunate though because I just don’t feel comfortable playing as a female.


My own opinion: I avoid most gender-locked male games as a female who is used to most protagonists being male already, however Lords of Aswick is one of the few I have played and enjoyed despite not being my preferred gender. My point? If it’s good, it’s good! I’m glad the sequel will be gender-locked female as I see it as a balance to the first game. Perhaps some of you guys will understand how us women feel, eh? :smile:


Not to sound like a stick in the mud But this is the generational saga. In different time period and ages so gender lock would be both appropriate for having different perspectives in the family, and to show different gender norms in the world and the perspective different professions and occupations can bring along with whatever personal convictions. Brother I am so pale red bearded blonde haired fellow quite a bit of hair. I was in the military with a hyper masculine MOS. And I’m perfectly fine reading books and playing games are gender locked as long as it’s good. This is looking good. It’s a shame to you are going to not continue the series at least in this installment over really a very silly issue and something that can be more broadening of your perspective.


And yet you still manage two highly intriguing WIP’s of your own, I applaud you.

True, though I tend to prefer to fill the shoes of cute guys in my vicarious lives too and I don’t think there is anything wrong with feeling discomfort when (role)playing the opposite gender.
As I said for me personally to play a female mc the game has to either cater very specifically to some of my more niche interests or really wow me right from the start. While in this case the game is, as most of @Goshman 's work, very good there is the additional burden that the religious focus repels me and that is something inherent to me.
Due to who and what I am I simply do not have a very good relationship with the major organised religions around me.
In short people play games (mostly) for fun and the gender-lock combined with the themes in this one make me feel quite uncomfortable, which detracts from said fun.

Lucky you, though surprisingly I have actually managed to regain some of mine over the last two years or so.

It is not a silly issue per se, if it makes people feel uncomfortable. Some people are equally uncomfortable with male gender-locks, remember?


My good Dutchman I think they do that more for rebellious purposes because it’s such a for social norm in interactive media.

My friend you look consistently handsome no matter what.

They introduced the very first romance interest in the game and he seems like quite a handsome guy. How many game Explorer religious themes lease in any type of understanding of religion in general. Maybe when it’s a little more completed you should come back and give it the college try my friend. Even wrong playing as a woman they would probably be some men that would strike your taste.
But I understand both the theme and gender lock make you uncomfortable. I am personally excited for a game to explore organized religion in a non derogatory way.


Like I got used to just skipping over romances because “gay” m/m stuff was simply not done in the world of the video-games of my youth. Even pretty male mc were rare, most often it was just here’s this grizzled action movie dude, that’s you, have fun saving the world and getting all the girls.

Let’s celebrate that today we increasingly do not have to settle for just “getting used to things” in our escapism anymore.


:speak_no_evil: *when you realise that the thread is taking a serious turn.


As a very Midwestern dude, I’m actually happy this one is being gender-locked as female. For one, I think it’s only fair; for two, it adds a bit of interesting exploration of part of the world and issues in it, as they relate to our real world and history, as per the author’s stated intent (if I read it right).

Besides, I can’t wait to be the Norwalling Joan d’Arc d’Borgia or whatever :stuck_out_tongue:


U precious sinnamon roll. Thank you so much ;A; I promise to have an update for each by the end of September. Unless V’s route on MysMes (which is supposed to be updated this month???) is so incredibly amazing that I spend my freetime writing sinful fanfiction about a fake Korean boy. This is incredibly plausible, but as Yoda says…Do or do not; there is no try. So I won’t say I’ll try.

I’m much the same. For me, I plan to play at least one impious playthrough. I’m very spiritual, but I despise organized religion, as a whole. Especially the way religion has been done since time immemorial. Religion is some effed up ish.

On the flip side, playing another male heir would just make this game a copy of the first – and I appreciate what @goshman’s doing – not only is the playing field being evened for this series, but we’re not getting the exact same game a few generations later. That would be…boring, to say the least.

Well, to be fair, if I may get slightly political – there is a difference here. Male gender-locks are incredibly predominant. I can name off about 10 male-locked video games without much thought, but I can only think of 3 or 4 female-locked (that aren’t dating sims), and only one of which was actually wildly successful. Portal. (Tomb Raider doesn’t count because she was just a wet dream) And you don’t even see her except when you try to break physics. Yet there’s The Last of Us, Uncharted, Grand Theft Auto, most of the Final Fantasies, etc. Not to mention the idea that games are meant for the “male gaze” of predominantly heterosexual, implied-white, cis men. That is why women are almost always sexualized, under-crafted (no personality/static), and sidelined; while men are portrayed as grizzly and…well, butch, for lack of a better term.

There is no shortage of games wherein you can only play men, yet I can only think of a select few in the reverse. This is why it’s different. Now, if you were to say female gender-locked versus non-heterosexual sexuality-locked, I would agree with you whole-heartedly. I am uncomfortable with male gender-locks because it feels like a sausage fest when I try to find a game that’ll cater to my interests without being about romance and only romance. Being uncomfortable that a game is female-genderlocked is almost…ungrateful??? in comparison.

All that being said, I tend to agree with you on most of your points. There are people uncomfortable with male gender-locks for pretty much the same reasons as you are uncomfortable with female gender-locks.



Yeah, my bad, now the games where you are locked playing a gay guy are if anything even rarer than those with female gender-locks.

Yay! Well if you have to prioritize, remember that my fave of your projects is Citadel. :wink: Though I’m sure plently of other people disagree with that.

Yeah, like I said the general lack of actually cute or pretty male protagonists used to be something that annoyed me during my younger years too.


I’m going respond to this for Mother Jones article done with Huston Smith about 20 years ago

"Q: You’ve said that your students seem to be much more interested in spirituality than in religion. What’s the difference? Why do you think young people today are so averse to organized religion?

A: The first question is easy: Religion is institutionalized spirituality. As to the second, anti-authoritarianism is part of it. Also, institutions are not pretty. Show me a pretty government. Healing is wonderful, but the American Medical Association? Learning is wonderful, but universities? The same is true for religion."

I could go further and say on the anthropological level. Religion is as necessary as Government even with all its Horrors that it’s produced it still brings out the best in humanity consistently.

You got to give Last of Us the pass that game was incredible I never cried so hard. What’s on the few games I played too that made me feel uncomfortable during a brawl. But that’s off topic. North and then of the female characters in the game fit into any stereotypical role. All the characters are three dimensional and had nuances about them.


ugh yes. I tend to go for “prettier” guys, which is why I’m so into kpop. That androgynous look is just…unf. Muscles are cool and all, but I prefer clean-shaven to scruffy and lithe to muscular.

Hmm, that’s probably why @Goshman is choosing to cover religion in this game :wink:


Well pretty comes in many shapes and sizes and while I do tend to prefer clean-shaven too, some men can pull off a well-groomed beard or mustache very well. The key here however is well groomed, something often decidedly lacking among many so-called “hipsters” today and the neck-beard is pretty much a universal sign of neglected grooming.
I tend to be fairly neutral on the muscles thing, both lithe and muscular guys can be extremely cute.

While spirituality of some sort seems to be more or less innate to our species (you could say modern science doubles as a “religion” of sorts for atheists like me who put our “faith” in it), organized religion isn’t. Although, yes, considering state religions it was and is often used by governments as another tool and more often than not that tool has been one of oppression and repression.
That isn’t to say I haven’t met many individually nice faithful people, but it still took me coming here to this forum and meeting @Havenstone to finally meet an LGBTQ affirming evangelical and I’ve since only met one other.
The vast majority of the nice faithful people I have met either refuse to take any (public) position on LGBT issues at all or seem to espouse some variant on “love the sinner, hate the sin”.


It all depends my town has a very active LGBT Episcopal church. That my aunt and her wife are both very active members own. My Aunt Mary Joe help Sunday school. With most religions you can make some type of theological argument for against homosexuality. I can bet you money some of the most Brilliant minds of the early church and some of the most famous Church fathers were gay or bisexual. One of the reasons they became monks was to deal with their sexuality. But if that period of time they didn’t view homosexuality in the same wrongness you see and mainstream media today. They view it in the same level of being an alcoholic or a promiscuous man. Saint Patrick of Ireland viewed men as a possible temptation. The famous Saint Augustine of Hippo tore himself up inside for his illicit affairs with women.

Find you I love the mystical traditions in major world religions because it pulls back the veil and speaks to a deeper truth. But I’m also sucker for Sufi love poems.

The thing is religion can be really fun but you got to do the legwork understand it and that’s harder than most because they have some philosophical lens you must see it through the have a deeper appreciation then going into the social history of it actual organization and how it functioned.


haha, I know. :wink: I’ve commented on most of the religion threads on here, and I spend far too much time discussing it in real life, as well. I’ve tried to replace all the time I spend talking about religion and politics with time in the gym.

…I went from lifting 5lb to being able to do quite a few sets of 20+ reps (per arm) at 25lb :wink: :wink:

Organized religion is archaic, in my opinion, however. The amount of terrible things that have happened (and I’m sure this game will cover quite a lot of them, as evidenced by the unfinished prologue – I assume unfinished, anyway) and continue to happen are just…astounding. Organized religion should have died centuries ago. Again, in my opinion.


I can say the same thing for governments it’s any type of organization people get involve and gets messy. It’s the sad danger of what happens when people are going to something is going to be screwed up no matter how good the intention is. Religious traditions help Focus in-ground and give Center to spirituality. The thing to as a religion is done right like government it does amazing. Even with all my love for secular philosophy and ethics it does not bring out at least in large numbers the better side of people. And the reason why like government it can bring out the worst it’s because people get deeply passionate about it.