[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



In my personal opinion, which I by no means want to push onto others here, dropping interest in something because of a gender/sexuality lock either way is a cop out. I have always been of the opinion that if you try you will find some form of understanding. Now that might be the roleplayer in me speaking, since I have played quite a number of PbP roleplays across the internet with quite a wide variety of characters of all stripes, and that perhaps allows me to slip into unfamiliar shoes more easily than others, but I’m sure thats only part of it. The rest comes down to a willingness to step out of your comfort zone and try to see the world through another’s shoes. However I’ll also admit that the whole “male-locked” standard in video games has turned me off a couple over the years, despite me being very male myself. No-one is perfect after all.

On another note, if TLOU2 doesn’t have us play as Ellie I will murder someone. Seriously.


First @Goshman I’m glad to see you surrendered to the hype machine chose of your own volition to revisit Aswick. I think changing to a female lead will help a lot with avoiding the feeling of been there done that. Even though I generally role play male just because it’s easier for me to get into character, gender locking female doesn’t bother me much.

That being said I was having a hard time getting into character with this wip. I think the problem for me was that I felt more like I was hearing someone else’s story rather than experiencing my own. Of course the mc has no agency at this point in the story, that’s kinda the point, but I think some character development is needed so I can identify with my character better. Even just fake choices where I can express how the mc reacts or feels about everything that she is being forced into would help create that connection between reader and character.

I also felt like more could have been made about just how young she was during the institutionalized abuse. Reading those scenes from the perspective of an adult man is meh, we’ve been desensitized to that from years of action movies, but from the perspective of an eight year old girl they become much more powerful.


Is pacing is about the same from his first game. It’s just not institutionalize abuse she could be learning number of different things from aluminate of writing to dealing with pilgrims etc. she’s in a very different situation from the main character in the first game he didn’t have many choices either but he was still a squire and being Squire is less restrictive than being a novice monk. So I completely understand why there is so little choices now and her freedom doesn’t start coming out until we see her period traveling as Fiar. Never mind me I completely love the set up and I feel he doesn’t need to change it but if he does I understand too.


Will this and the first one be releasing on steam?


As much as I love Joel as character we need to play is Ellie. I just hope they don’t drop the ball on it because the first one was a gift from God.


Yeeees what a time to be alive


Hey, guys, I’ve been replaying FoHB since I found this thread, and… how can you make Lucia not kill the MC in the end? Can you do it even if you don’t support king John and the the Duke of Sterling?


I’m pretty sure you have to support John if you don’t want her to lead you to an early grave.


I mean it’s fine if that’s something you wanna or are able to do, but it’s not for me. I just can’t think of myself from that perspective. It’s nothing personal.


I have a question actually. The Orders, how exactly are they formed? Whats their hierarchy like? Are they kind of ad hoc or very strictly regulated?

For instance, would a member of The Basilian Order be required to undergo rigorous medical training or simply whatever they could pick up? Would a Hustanian be required to study martial techniques or simply have a willingness to fight and die for the One True God?

I’ll admit I’m kinda hoping for a Jeanne D’Arc type figure, clad in plate and wielding a longsword at the head of a host of faithful knights. Something to make our brother’s eyes pop out of his head with envy and cause our father to roll in his well deserved grave.


What happened to the Ayerstones?
Considering that we had two opportunities to link the MC’s family to theirs in the first game, I feel like they’ll stay important.
Also what happened to Gerald of Molè?


Hello Teo, it is said that the twins are the children of the 5th Earl of Aswickdale, I wonder if you would care to add a family like feature in as well. That’d be great!


Are you upset it female gender lock? I honestly confused by your statement are you arguing there should be a choice so the player has agency.


I don’t mind any game being gender-locked I like kingdoms : Embers in ashes and this WiP ( both are gender locked ). I don’t care what perspective I am playing I just want a good read. ( I am a straight guy so don’t go there )


@Danki Please do not post no-content arguments in WIP threads. If you wish to discuss issues you have with an aspect of game development, add to an existing thread on the subject or start one. Hosted Games publishes gender-locked stores, so arguing about in this thread is distracting and against forum rules.


Hey, @Goshman, how much will our choice for KIng (or Queen) affect VoG? Will different rulers have different heirs?


I can tell you being in the military realize versus the clergy can you both equally boring depending on your job. I can tell you a Jesuit in the Congo probably have seen more action than most Soldiers had in Iraq. Actually play the games are for you just give an incredibly negative feedback. You literally think this idea do you billet he to break social norms the condo when the leaders of the reformation sword and voice of the church the holy father as a woman that’s boring.


It was more about the need to stop giving people who were expressing their views a hard time or being unconsiderate towards others but yeah I’ll stop.


What do you mean? What would that look like?


If you simply don’t like the idea of a game, please don’t post. It’s not constructive.

@Goshman: Please don’t let all of this “you shouldn’t make this game” feedback deter you from making another game the way that you like.

I, for one, would like to see more female-genderlocked Hosted Games. It would bring a better balance to the HG catalog as a whole.