[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



@Goshman Can we become an Inquisitor? because I want to


What happened between the lives of the first and second MCs?


Something even better the Exarch.

I do kind of want to know about the previous Earls between the founder and our current main character.


I have crawled back out into the sunlight from my weekend’s D&D sessions. Time for some answers then.

Well, it is that as well. To a certain degree.

No, I think that’s about it. One for an Exarch, one for a Holy Father, one for the Reformist Archbishop. There are, of course, minor branching within all of these, leading to very real possibilities that you don’t end up as any of these power figures.

Well, the Exarch is fairly close to a Grand Inquisitor, so kind of.

Well that all remains to be uncovered. Honestly it’s mostly been the same cycle as before the first MC and what happened during his time as well.

The Duchy of Sterling got uppity and was put down for a little while again. The Valmagne tried to recover their lost lands diplomatically, failed, then tried to take it by force and surprisingly lost then as well. They did ravage the lands a fair bit, however, leading to unfortunate famine and poverty on the mainland parts of Norwall. Aswicdale would have been called into those wars without any danger of being rampaged through.
In the bigger picture the Accadian Empire has been fighting the sons and grandsons of Sayf-al-Din, all of whom were for a while united in their cause to spread their conquests to the West. The Kingdom of Illiberine on the Cambrain peninsula is also acting as a second gatekeeper, keeping the armies trying to approach from the south from crossing into Trinitarian lands.
The Varian Empire on the other hand has become more and more involved in supporting the cities of the Holy Seat that broke off from the Holy Father’s temporal power. They have also been fighting a series of proxy revolts, contesting whether the Emperor may claim authority equal to or even greater than the Holy Father.


This is so cool! Lords of Aswick was one of most major reasons im trying to make own game! Cant wait to buy fully released version ^^


So, you’re saying we might just see a war within the Faith in regards to who exactly is head honcho, be it either the Pope… I mean Holy Father, or the Holy Roman Emperor… Sorry, Varian Emperor.

Does this mean that Norwall could be dragged into another continental war based on the player’s actions? Or that perhaps Norwall’s (I assume) semi-professional army may have to face down some early professionals under retainer for the Varians? Maybe. I dunno. I’m guessing.


So are they like to dead-end paths in first of his blood? I do always find it funny you’re dead end past are literal dead ends. Not to sound peculiar but if these paths do not involve taking up the major position maybe the individual player can get satisfaction out them living a peaceful more humble life to contemplate maybe to write. It makes me think how many knows the writing of Dante but can hardly name Pope. :blush:but knowing you we could end up become Saint and there’s only one way to really be a saint.:persevere:


Well, every end is a dead end in Lords of Aswick. It just depends how long you live and how many events of note you get to see through before you reach that end.

Well, there’s the Vates, or prophets, and then there’s the Saints. You may end up either or both, but either way that kind of titles won’t be applied until well after death. Anyone can become either, depending on how cynical you are about those kinds of proceedings in general. Certainly high piety will help in everything in the world of the clergy, just as valour did in the world of knights and barons.


And the thing is my friend I am I not as cynical guy about it. Agnostic as I am I do genuinely believe minimally the people that are given the titles of Prophets and Saints genuinely earned them through their piety or closeness to the faith. Maybe I’m being too optimistic. So is it possible for a main character to be immensely healing Exarch or Holy Father and still gain those titles after death through piety. Also to what type of patronage or benefits can we give to our family if we the Archbishop, the Exarch or the Holy Father. And how big of a deal would it be for our family if are MC become Prophet and Saint. Imagine if we have a bastard son and we get him squired as our twin brothers child. Or getting the position as the captain General in the army of the Holy Father. :smile: okay that’s far too much nepotism.


I am hoping for an entry into this game series where we are from the Eastern part of this world fighting against the crusaders and all that possibly an Emir or what ever noble titles would be there. Cause we are currently exploring the religious side of the west


I don’t see why a story like that taking place in this world could not end up happening.

It would not be a Lords of Aswick series game, however. It would likely be an offshoot title.


Fantastic I will wait patiently


Even if we let everyone get massacred in FohB?


I nornally hate gender-locked games, but I looked past that to play the first in this series. I am very much female but was able to look past that to enjoy the first game.

I hope that those who are so adamantly against female gender-locked games (funny, considering there are so few of those and so many of the opposite – in all forms of video game media) are willing to at least give it a shot.

That being said, I do have some constructive criticism for you, @Goshman.

  • I agree with previous posters in that there’s not much making you care about your family. Adding in a few hundred words and a few choices could really, really help make leaving your mother and brother (if not your father) more heartbreaking.

  • I have dyslexia. Reading paragraphs longer than about 4 lines hurts my head and eyes. Perhaps cut some of your paragraphs into multiples?

  • I’d like to spend more time actually at the monastary, to flesh out these important years in “my” life. Ages 8 to 15 are incredibly important, right? How do “I” handle my first period in a place where I’m beaten for feeling emotions? Do I even notice the pain and bleeding at first, or do I just assume it is an after-effect of a particularly bad beating?

  • to borrow from dragon age, we all know that monastic societies have some nookie going on. Perhaps we catch that mean teen who slapped us making out with a fellow monk. That’d be great. Do we decide to be pious, political???

  • i know we don’t interact much with the Brothers and Sisters, but a little bit of interaction couldn’t hurt. Even if it’s only negative. I’d love to actually see the rumor mill in action during the Inquisition scenes.


My good lady you have no idea how strict a life of a nun/monk can be during their novice period. If he shows it it would be nice to be very humid I think but I’ll be incredibly rustic slow moving and deeply concentration and understanding on the meditation of the holy text. With long dates in the field and copying of texts. It’s not really exciting. That being said I think are good writer can make it exciting. But imagining reading 15 chapters of being an novice.


Y’know, Goshman, I’ll tell ya something.

When one comes home from studying for more than eight hours, one rarely expects one of the most interesting Hosted Games to get a sequel and a beta test.

But, sometimes, one is very happy to be surprised :slight_smile:

I just found out about this now, but I’m really excited! While I can’t promise consistent feedback due to my schedule, I’ll pop up every now and then to give my thoughts. But, wow, Aswick’s getting a sequel, that’s great.


Is it possible to have a platonic scene with a potential RO, that gets misinterpreted as romantic by a church authority? Would that end up hurting your chances of rising in either church hierarchy?


Reading the beta, and I want to leave my first wave of thoughts. Instead of just doing this once, I’ll make this post and edit stuff onto it:

  • I really liked the beginning. Haven’t played Aswick in… half a year, at least. Seeing these characters again, even in passing, is nostalgic. Even if Lucia ended up killing my character at the end of the first game.

  • The prose flows really well. An issue I had with Diamant Rose and Golden Eagle was that they often had these blocky, big paragraphs that are full of description, and Voice of God strikes a good balance between being descriptive and action focused. Having an action every new page helps, I think.

  • Some have been commenting how it doesn’t sound plausible that the MC’s estate has gotten poor over the years, so maybe fleshing it out a bit would help. For instance: natural disasters. A part of the town got thrashed during a bad rainstorm, or the river flooded, causing an expensive investment to have the buildings fixed.

  • I thought it was interesting how the Humbling works as a juxtaposition to the MC’s knighting in FoHB. Whereas there we rise up to bigger shoes and fortunes, here we have a scene that’s more ambiguous, and maybe it isn’t good to our character at all. In a sense, I think it reinforces that the two MCs are people of different status in different time periods. Having the game be gender-locked to female allows a new story.

  • I think it’d be interesting if our character could promote art and science down the line. If we ever become influential in the church, we could support and maybe even institutionalize a type of sculpture or painting, which in turn offers a way to look at the world.

  • Some have been critical of the railroading, but it doesn’t bother me. It is, after all, impossible to make a choice game that is free from any input of the author. And, even if we get one like those down the line, I’m not sure it’d be good. A bit of control over the story can make it better focused. I mean, in Choice of Rebels, you have to start the rebellion at some point, you can’t just go like “Oh, I guess we’d just stay home”.

  • "In a monastery such as this it is the duty of all to fill their duties or the entire community will suffer. This is true for any community, although this may feel skewed in places such as Aswick ", repeating community two times makes the phrase feel odd. I think it’d be better as “[…] all have to fill their duties in a community, lest it begins to suffer. This is true everywhere, but it may feel skewed in places such as Aswick […]”.

Edit: Alright, @Goshman, I think these are my comments regarding the first chapter, it’s finished.


First off, I’d like to say how much I enjoyed lords, it was the first Choice game I ever played and I have been an avid fan ever since. Since I’m going to be gaining some criticism and give suggestions, it’s only fair that I give some compliments, first of all, I am impressed with your decision to make a female gender lock, which would make it harder to make and market. You’re commitment and speed in your projects is also highly commendable.your characters are well written and the story is compelling, Aswick and Infinity are at the top of Games.

Now to light criticism and suggestions/questions. If your original MC had a bastard with Margeurite, will that be mentioned, I suppose this is in the vein of explaining the MC’s family more. Will the King/Queen of the first game be mentioned? Will the possibility of magic, somewhat referenced in the first game (the fire at the knight ceremony), be brought up? And finally, in the real Middle Ages/ Renaissance period, clergy often married or had affairs, will it be true in game?

And at last, to the part I feel bad about mentioning. I understand and respect your creative rescission to focus on a female MC in this game, but I worry that there will be a major problem. Your first game, which was amazing, was male locked, and focused on combat and politics, which in your games are male dominated, so I worry that this game, being female dominated, might be hard to get into for fans of the original game, or at least a fairly substantial number, or at least will be challenging to relate to. I will certainly try to play it fairly and I sincerely hope I am able to relate to the character, but I can’t be certain. So what I’m thinking is this, and I’m not trying to push you or anything, but you might want to consider making it not gender locked, and having the MC be either a nun or fried, a friar who could become the Holy Father. I get that you might not want to do this, and it would require extra work, but I would ask you to at least consider this, as I think it would pay off in the long run. But hey, that’s just a fans opinion, and I’ll support you whatever the outcome.


I really like that game is gender locked to female tbh.