[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



On the side note Chevalier Arturio scene was touching.


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It’s entirely possible. If you’re ambitious enough to go for it and have the wits and means to crush some societal norms and outplay the other Cardinals.[/quote]
so you don’t actually have to be a male to be the Holy Father. They just assumed you needed to be. God I want to see the social norms you got a break and what type of Leverage and political makya how you have to pull the outsmart some of those Cardinals in the Enclave.

And from what you said earlier it seems like becoming the Archbishop is only then on the reform path.


Reform schmeform, crushing all that heretical nonsense is going to be great

That or going full Teutonic Order with the warrior monks


It will be referred to, and if it expanded the family lands it will have more of an effect.

But surely you would never marry someone for political reasons. that would be horribly medieval. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes. There will be dealings with the MC’s brother later on. In fact, depending on which way you take at the crossroads, you may wind up meeting him sooner rather than later.

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There are two major branches, of which at least one of them branches again almost straight away. There’ the path to become Archbishop, which will take place in Norwall and concern the MC mostly with the affairs of the reformist movement, cajoling for allies and power, establishing a rival church, that sort of thing. Then there’s the path to become an Exarch, and a path to attempt to become a Holy Father, both of which are bundled under the umbrella of staying with the Holy Mother Church. An Exarch will be returning to Norwall to get rid of the pesky reformists there and may wind up using a certain Earldom as a home base for that, while the Holy Father path will be more broader issues that revolve around re-establishing the Holy Father’s authority so the stray flocks can be brought back into the fold over a longer period of time.

Lords of Aswick - Out Now!

What is this position exactly? It kind of sounds like an Inquisitor on steroids. From a little bit of research now it’s a really weird Church position you only see in the Eastern Orthodox Church today. But it wields huge Authority over a region. Still I am curious how you’re using it.


Exarch is the voice and/or hand of the Holy Father. Someone with great authority who gets sent to intermediate and solve problems, grant the Holy Father’s blessings, raise armies, make Kings kneel, etc. Whenever the Holy Father’s emissaries need to wield ultimate authority on behalf of the Holy Father, you send an Exarch.

If you’ve ever gone to the crusades in FoHB, you would’ve had dealings with an Exarch.

Lords of Aswick - Out Now!

If that isn’t a dictionary definition of Inquisitor … you should apply as a copyist for one :gift_heart:


They pretty much the dragons of the holy church. :blush:


What are you talking about? Inquisitors are inquisitors, Exarchs are Exarchs. I see no similarities whatsoever. :wink:

Essentially Exarchs are what perhaps the most prominent and powerful real-world inquisitors like Torquemada were. Inquisitors on the other hand are constrained and established more as the internal affairs branch of the church, hunting down heretics and false dogma, although their efforts do occasionally spill over to the general populace as well.


OK. I think I’ve gained an insight into some of your inspiration for your religious hierarchy.

Thank you for opening up a bit of yourself :slight_smile:


I like the setting, looking forward to seeing how all of this goes! Being a crazy warrior nun or burning heretics on the stake will be plenty of fun.

Sad to see so many people turned off by the gender-lock, but you can’t please everyone.


I thought it was just this setting’s version of a nuncio, but this sounds much better.


Are there any other major paths?


@Goshman Will there be multiple POVs (will we play as the brother?)


My good sir let me answer that for you no. We are playing at The prominent sibling of this relationship. Plus playing as the brother would be the first game all over again. For one I like how he’s spreading around the gender lock and playing with it.


Pretty much the Exarchs are the voice the hand and the sword of the Holy Father.

If you see them in your kingdom you know you really mess up. Because they can bring down the hammer. It’s like International internal affairs accept checking up on kingdoms.


I’ve only played demos of Lords of Aswick, but I always liked how it was so similar to feudal England. Most games here tend to be on the high- or urban fantasy side with dragons and werewolves (and there’s nothing wrong with that!), so it’s awesome to see a game where the setting is its own distinct world while also borrowing super realistic elements from the real world. And I think the fact that FoHB was set in a world not our own made it all the more interesting.

Now, about Voice of God! I have to admit, I’ve always been fascinated by nuns, so I can only imagine how much fun I’ll have playing the whole thing. The demo was super fun to play and I can’t wait to read more! My only complaint is that sometimes, the paragraphs are way too long and the choices too sparse. I also wish we had a chance to flesh out our MC’s personality in the beginning of the game.

Some typos I found:

  1. “That castle, still as noble and mighty as ever, stands proudly in the middle of a frozen river estuary, it’s magnificent gothic towers rising high into the air before tapering up into a sharp point.” Should be its
  2. “The tableware rattles and everyone but your brother flinch at the sudden noise.” Should be flinches
  3. " Their brothers and sister of the faith have taken up the sword on many occasions, fighting among the ranks of the Holy Order of the Vigil." Should be sisters
  4. “The closer you get to the building you can see that the central structure does no actually reach the whole stretch of what it seems like at first.” Should be not
  5. “Welcome, child, to Hillover Monastery. I am Cecily, Prior of this monastery, although everyone here call me Matron Cecily.” Should be calls
  6. “You are led through a side door into one of the wings of the monastery where you are led up to the second floor and finally down a long corridor before you reach a small cramped and very austere room.” Should have commas after small and/or cramped if you like Oxford commas


I kind of love the paragraph length it really gets my perspective into it. You try First of his blood again, it allows you get more invested in family and will serve as the secular contrast to are lady monk
Honestly this is awesome when the few series I seen that done gender lock right.:blush:


I actually bought FoHB not long after playing the demo for VoG, and I’m loving it so far. Initially, the male gender-lock is what turned me away from the series, but now I actually don’t mind it in FoHB since the story is just so good. It’s awesome to see that the next game in the series has a female gender-lock since we don’t have many of those, especially not in serial games!


This is Gender lock done right because it’s a generational story. He gives you enough information to paint a picture of a world especially in first of his blood. But are you seeing in the voice of God he left enough room open lore to sure of really interesting alternative narrative. My only real complaint about first of his blood is that the wife characters I am not flesh out out of enough. Or I should say some of them have a lot more screen time than others. What is the interesting way of the mirroring sure there is are both going through different leverage is a powerful formal leverage the power. In the first game we can break the Norm in now how high rise. This one you can go further. Arguably of the routes in this game make you a far more powerful individual then your founding ancestor in the first game.
Another thing I like this one it is you don’t have to stress like your brother to necessary live up to a high if not impossible expectations set by the first Earl.

Another thing I notice @Goshman he’s really good a character relationships to the ones your lives your siblings your mother your advisor, your wife your fellow knights your Squires you all liege lord etc. I don’t think he’s doing that consistently well in this one.

PS @TruMaknae Love your Audrey Avatar☺️