[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



The Andromedians are not inquisitors as an order. Brother Patricius, however, has clearly impressed or pissed off someone in the Holy Seat to the point where he is made an inquisitor.


Both. Kind of. Nun was a term used in FoHB and remains a term occasionally used just for female monks, but as an actual title it has a slightly different purpose than monks. Nuns are healers and caretakers specifically, while monks have a far broader purpose of compiling and safekeeping knowledge and arts. The MC is a monk, then becomes a friar. Some may call her a nun, but she’s not really one unless she ends up very closely following the path of the Basilians.

Yes, to both questions. It is available, it is considered taboo although it is more to the point of not being talked about rather than it resulting in exclusion or shunning. Male-male homosexuality has the same taboo, which was an available path in the first title.

Yes. It should honestly play more of a part in the first chapter as well, but honestly I’m still crafting some ideas as to how I can expand that monastery time. By the feedback I’ve received it seems that it really needs expansion, and I think better clarifying the purpose and training of the different orders is a way to do that. Later on it will govern certain expectations others have of the MC.

Oof, I suggest you don’t look into the history of monastic orders, much less the reality of medieval convents. They were not nice places. There are still some religious sects that follow these “old ways” of beatings, whippings, essentially torture, all in the service of cleansing yourself and making yourself ready for God.

In this case, while obviously unpleasant and morally hideous, the scenes in the monastery offer a very real sneak peek at what can otherwise be seen as a pure and glorious way to lead your life. It’s important to set that juxtaposition in place early to pave the way to everything else the MC will see later on.

I will eventually look into the possibility of importing the first title’s save into the third title, with a recap for the second title. If that is possible, then that would be the path I’d like to take.
Otherwise unfortunately any recap that isn’t just the full story of FoHB all over again will remain incomplete in all the details and linked connotations that develop throughout.

So the actual answer to your question will only be known by the time I’ve finished Seeker of Paradise, which will likely be another couple of years from now.

It’s entirely possible. If you’re ambitious enough to go for it and have the wits and means to crush some societal norms and outplay the other Cardinals.


I hope you succeed. While not quite the observer path in the Golden Eagle it seems fun being a new world explorer even if we have to hunt for treasure to presumably restore the family fortunes once again too. Wonder if we can bring any New World blood into the family in that title? That might be enough to make me play one of my very rare bi characters. :thinking:


Will we get to nail 99 theses to the doors of the Holy Seat (if we choose a Reformation path)?


That’s a bit too on the nose, don’t you think?

No, there will be a key figure who will kickstart the reformation who is not the MC, but the MC will become involved with that nasty business and has the choice available to switch to the reformist side. So if you go down that path it will lead you to become a leading reformist figure. If Norwall successfully converts or splits from the Holy Mother Church, then the MC has the opportunity to rise as high as the Archbishop of Shawsbury, the leading religious authority in Norwall.


I see.
I apologise if I offended you.
But thank you for clarifying!


So far I really like what’s been put up! Definitely digging the change of pace from the first story. :slight_smile:


That premise alone is enough to make me play.


Another thing you may wish to consider is to expand on the personal conflict between the MC and the 18y.o. sent in to shear our hair and break us from being a noble to a common-woman … allow the MC to fight to keep her nobility and show that it was a fight between the individual keeping their individual identity and giving in to the commune and being nothing more than a cog in the whole, even if you came from nobility to begin with…

Sounds like the Anglican Church route … will there be a civil war based on the “Orthodox” beliefs and the “Reformers” within Norwall? If so, is there a chance of becoming a Cromwell type of figure? :slight_smile:


That Civil War would be the spark that launches off the sequel, so the MC won’t be quite a Cromwell. Cromwell comes later.


As long as we don’t end up with the mortal ending of Thomas Becket - being named a Saint is a good thing but the martyrdom used to achieve that would be so disappointing :wink:


You’re telling me that I can’t be Oswin Cromwell, Supreme and Overly Zealous Archbishop of Shawsbury and is in no way shape or form related to the guy that just so happens to be fighting against the crown?

Damn. I hope I get a cool scepter as compensation, at least.


Well, you might end up being the sole reason why that Civil War ends up erupting, if that makes you feel any better.


Does your choice of bride in the first game have any effect in this game? Will we end up as a Rodrigo Borgia?


So I got a couple questions for you because it seems like there’s three main route you hint at. Not counting some literal dead ends.

Starting with the center row it seems like you can push for a reform movement and becoming the head Of the kingdom Church. The other route seems to be Counter reform movement which I am of curious how you’re able to push yourself into the throne of Holy Father.

Then there is the Far path which is the mystical path what you take your vision seriously and most likely deeply meditate on it writing your reflections possibly evening starting at whole entire new doctrine that I really breaking away from the holy mother church. Which become a prophet.

Are we going to be more like him. Or her

Lore quest Who was the original holy father Who is there Saint Peter. And what is the source of the holy father’s authority. Because in real life the Popes authority came from the idea of him succeeding from Peter that got reinforced by the what would become orthodox doctorine and in the fourth century. And for many centuries they played as the theological referee mediator. Slowly later on taking on more of the responsibilities of managing Rome and aggressively sponsoring and sending our missionaries. By the ninth and 10th century they had the donation Constantine which nobody knew was a fraudulent document that gave a massive secular authority but hurt the Prestidge of the office.

Go to the monks they were the first reform movement there were the white martyrs. Since the church became the Imperial church and organized no one was really in their perspective suffering for God or working on the self reflective nature of understanding God. So by the very nature of these wildress Saints. We’re all about escaping Tempation purging their own vices.

And as much as I love the demo you should make the different orders out of their own flair and flavor and taste different rituals even if it’s subtle.


I did. That’s what peaked my interests.


Becket is given far too much credit, but I suppose being killed helps with that. What Becket was trying to do was to launch an English version of the Investiture Contest, a long, long time after it had already been settled, and empower himself and his new office alone. He was a self-righteous glory hound that didn’t know when to quit.


It was more of a power contest within the church of England - York vs Canterbury to establish which Archbisop would be supreme within England as exemplified by the Investiture.


Man you don’t even know how many times I have played Lords of Aswick and how much inspiration that game gives me when I just write little stories. Keep up the great work!!!


Will we get to see our brother again?


What will our fate? I don’t know!!!