[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)


Voice of God

It is about time we returned back to Norwall, don’t you think? I finally decided to just take the plunge and give you what you’ve been clamouring for. The first chapter is largely finished and the opening of the second chapter is in good shape, so I decided to just cut the demo there for now and turn it over for public consumption. The next update will likely be once I have the second chapter finished.

In the meanwhile enjoy the current version of the likely cover art, which is likely to change in the future since I already have three variations of it, as well as the first 20k or so words of Voice of God.

I have yet to implement pre-made family histories (if you have archetypal pre-made character paths to suggest, I’m all ears), but there is an overpowered DEBUG mode giving some popular choices from the first title as well as the ability to go through a recap frame story. The frame story won’t give you the chance to easily become the King’s Pit or win all possible titles, but it does take care of the most important choices you made in the first one.

So, without further ado, enjoy!


First of his Blood plans

In related Lords of Aswick news, I will be going through and revamping portions of the original Lords of Aswick: First of His Blood.
The current changes will be mostly to standardize tense structures and writing style, as well as improve some of the flow. I will also be adding a few scenes here and there I’m sure just as a bit of additional extra.
The cover image will also change from what it is now to what I have posted above. Cleaner lines, different helmet, more my style in general than the original which was far more based on a medieval illumination.

Additionally I will be removing the current in-game save system in favour of a simple checkpoint system more akin to what you might find in the Infinity series. This is to cut down on extra variables upon future save transfers to Voice of God and beyond. The save system is excellent and I am super happy with the way it is now and how it functions, but the fact is that there will be far too much carry-over dead variables by the time I reach the fourth and final title in the series if I keep it. This will inevitably mean that you will need to go through the first title again once release of Voice of God becomes more timely, but I would have told you to do it anyways just to make sure you’re caught up with the story so far.

Any updates to the first title will not be happening until we are much closer to the Voice of God release though, so you can relax. No rush to go cram your favoured path into memory just yet.

Patreon launch

Now for an entirely different matter altogether. While I am ramping up my volume of writing, much of it is in such a shape that it will not be possible to generate revenue out of it. while I would love to hire professionals to look them over it is not possible for me to set aside that kind of cash, no matter how many copies of my IF titles you go and buy, or for as long as I have yet to receive any government support for my writing projects. It’s an unfortunate catch-22 of not having the necessary quality output to be able to afford what would enable me to have a better quality output.

So, since I don’t have the artistic merit or enthusiasm levels for shilling merchandising, I have decided to make a little bit of a leap and instead follow Paul into the great wide world of crowdfunding.
That’s a long way of saying I’ve opened a Patreon page / account / thingamadoodad and hope that any of you who are interested and capable of doing so might have a look to see if supporting my writing is something you’d like to do.

While I love any/all support you might give personally to me in order to help me buy a cup of coffee on occasion, this is not some kind of charity thing to keep my caffeine levels high. Something like that I would never be comfortable with since I also get royalties from sold titles. This is for the continued flow of writing projects, the continued learning process behind it, and the improvement of quality for my output in general. I want to make sure my output gets to where it needs to be in order for me to have a good chance at diversifying into genre fiction.

In return for the support I have monthly short stories that I will be releasing in their current rough yet finished forms. I will also be fielding any and all discussions and questions regarding my created worlds openly on there. If there is clamouring for it I might even write down essays on my current vision for my worlds, although those are always in a little bit of a flux. the short stories running up until December will all have something to do with the Aswick world (Well isn’t that just thematically consistent) and the Duchy of Sterling in particular.

All in all I will likely have Patreon as a kind of early sneak peek platform where I will share exciting developments and plans, as horrible as I am in general about those sorts of things. So you who do take the plunge and decide to support my writing, keep me honest about it, okay? Okay. Good. Thank you.


Am I dreaming? Is this real? :fearful:



No, no I’m pretty sure it’s actually happening.


Hah! April fools have already passed! (Or you could have August Fools) :joy:

Well, I was not expecting the mc to become a nun.


Oh my goodness yesss. More Lords of Aswick! You have just made my day!


Huzzah! I have been wanting/needing this. Can’t wait to see where this goes.


Awesome so excited I loved the first one. Will we be able to play as the brother or will we see everything from the sisters point of view.


Yes! I’m so excited!


Great another reason to save money and I really want chicken wings


Single perspective for this one. While I’d love to peer behind the curtain in Aswick as well, with what I have planned for this title it would become extremely cumbersome to make a reality.

It’ll become clearer why that is when I get further into the story.


I am wondering if naming the second MC after the wife of the first MC would create different scenes in the story.
Also, if you import a file, will the second MC’s brother be named Stephen, Augustus, or John?

Also, archetypal history: An Earl who was valorous, married Lady Catherine, his first love (though she had nothing to bring to the marriage), and served King Stephen (his former squire) dutifully as Lord High Constable to the end of his days.


Awesome can’t wait. Sounds like I get to become some kind of celibate warrior nun. Beating people in the head with my holy mace.


I don’t see why additional scenes couldn’t be in place, drawing attention to the naming choice. Of course it won’t be a very widespread connection for people since these kind of traditional names rotating within families is commonplace enough not to draw attention to it.

Your twin brother will always have the name of the original MC, so whatever you chose as a name in the imported file will be added automatically.


Amazing! (20 happy characters)


Is there romance and as a nun can I choose to not have one.


Yes. It’s expected that you do not have a romance due to rules that largely affect lower tiers of the clergy, but there will be both male and female romance interests coming and going throughout the story.


Is that Arturo guy in the demo one of them?
Also, is Arturo a possible cousin?


So they will just be like one night stand type of deal.

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I’m so happy this is getting a sequel! Just a few questions at the moment.

Will we be able to play as male in the final version of the game?? It’s not a problem if we can’t i’m just curious

Will the new game be able to account for previous variables in the first game? For example, I had 3 boys in the first game, one of which was a bastard child, will that be mentioned at all in the second?


Arturio de Grandpré may be one if you choose to pursue him over a long period of time. Even if not he will be a likely ally in much the same fashion as Arthur was in FoHB. He is not a cousin, he’s Valmagne nobility through-and-through despite roaming up in Norwall at the moment.

Yes, that’s a possibility. You will be able to establish a family as well, but that comes in a little later on when it’s more likely to not result in shunning and whatnot.

Likely not. Right now I don’t see a reason to switch over and a female MC works far better for the story I have in mind, as well as in introducing repercussions to certain choices which will be felt in the final two stories. Among these repercussions would be the nature of religion, how it is integrated in daily lives and political affairs, and what the place of women is particularly in Norwallian society.

I’m not sure if I want to go quite that detailed in recalling family history, but I might abstract that kind of details into a number and have that represent the likelyhood of seeing extended family and cousins during travels in Norwall and beyond. If the MC is descended from a legitimized bastard or the original MC’s brother, there will be mention of it when you’re in Norwallian high society.