[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



Awesome can’t wait! But the celibate holy warrior nun goal still stands.


OHMYGAWD!!! I JUST replayed FoHB. You may have answered this but I saw your post and immediately had to rush for a bit. Then I got so excited I can’t remember what I read…

Will we be able to import an end game save from the first game?


Eventually, yes. HG will need to implement their save system, which is likely going to be around the same time as I push my own big update their way.

Unfortunately what you have as of right now will not be transferable over.
So, uh… write down what you did and how!


I remember how I did it. LOL I cannot tell you how many replays I got out of FoHB.


I noticed Catherine’s choice is missing from the summary of the first games spouses.


I noticed something about the debug mode. There are no choices for the first MC’s accomplishments.
Is that on purpose?


Yes, using the DEBUG selection will enable a lot of variables that are not supposed to work with one another. It’s essentially an easy way to just hop into the story for the reason of testing something without having to go through the frame story each time.


enter in this thread with awe

thi-this is real?..the sequel of one of the most awesomes games?..now I can died in peace with this…


…This is the best news I have heard in a long time. THE. BEST.


I love the save system, glad it will be implemented… “The Hammer of Norwall will rise again!!”


I am so excited for this time to be Pope John XII


@Goshman the sequel will be female gender locked? you never said that…i will have to pass playing and buying this then


If our first MC was a crusader, will that get mentioned by the Church authorities? Can we also make a crusader (first) MC in the frame story?
Also, I noticed that even if the first MC made enriching choices that generated constant income (Mining/industry/roads/canals), the reason that the second MC is going to the monastery is still poverty. Will that change on imported files?


Thanks for the reply! I’m really looking forward to it!


Well then…

Colour me impressed. This is one hell of a left turn from the last game, but I love it all the same. I can’t wait to carve a bloody path heal and pray my way through this world.

I’d imagine we’ll have the option to become a regular old Jeanne D’Arc in game at some point. That’ll be fun, assuming it happens.

A question: What’s the tech level like in this game? In FoHB it was very Early/High transitional and we’re very clearly well past that, but have we gotten to the point of actual Early Renaissance or is it still Late period in the world as it stands? My assumption would be Renaissance but I’m probably wrong there.

EDIT: I say “very clearly”, by which I mean “I assume”. Apologies for any lack of clarity.


Oh man. I played it and <3 <3 <3

A few things I noticed (no internet so screen captures on my phone)


A should be an.

In is unnecessary.


Meet my brothers and sisters who Patricius…
Missing a quotation mark somewhere…


One should be on.






Well, it has been (if I remember properly) 100 years since the end of FoHB. That is more than enough time for the House treasury to deplete; investments to dry up, not play out; spend money on frivilous things; etc

But I also left a very rich and extremely well maintained House and lands as my Lord passed.

Also, dowries. Maybe in the intervening years the Lord’s had lots of daughters.


20 broke descendants of a character


This is exciting, I had no idea so much of this game was written! You are one of the fastest working authors here, I swear.

One problem I had reading it was that our age seemed a bit unclear until we were made a friar. It could be a little more clear.

Also, I’m replaying the first, was wondering if our descendants still have the Ulfberth sword?