[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



Wow played this game 10+ times still new things I’m learning about it.


Unless you refuse then it becomes a rape scene. No offense to the creator, but when I played I couldn’t help but feel this was happening: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale
That being said @Goshman I compleatly realise that wasn’t the way you meant it and I understand your reasoning.


@Goshman - Thank you for the great reply. A few thoughts, if I may?

If reformation and change is going to be in the air either through an “anti-papacy” or reformation. Translation of Latin into the languages of the people wasn’t uncommon even though it was considered heretical at the time. Perhaps a separate section entitled “The Book of Prayer” or a catechism wouldn’t break immersion.

That may have been part of my problems from my own expectations as I was looking at your series as a CoG Crusader Kings 2. I was also working under the assumption that I would have two, male, twins working on pushing my dynasty forward in terms of political standing.

I get, and appreciate, writing a medieval story with a female MC. We were having a discussion in the Kingdoms thread about the increased difficulty that one would have to overcome the increased amount of obstacles in that. she would face. I think that if you gave me a bit more time to get “adjusted” in the beginning, like having us start in Aswick and getting a feel for our land, the changes that may have happened over time, our character and our new family, I would be down with going forward with the story.

Anyways, thanks again for sharing your vision for your series and I do look forward to seeing your finished product.


My thoughts so far mate, take them how you will.

The beginning of the story gives very little time to actually get to know the MC. We sort of get thrust into a monastery without really getting to know our family beyond the fact that we have a twin brother whom we have a certain relationship with, good or bad, and that our father is a bit of an abusive arse who is only interested in the furtherance of his name and not in the growth of his children. I mean, who are these people? Who is Lady Marianna? Why should I care that I’ve been forced to leave them and devote my life, more or less against my will, to the church? It doesn’t feel like family yet and so I find myself having a hard time empathising with the MC’s plight in the early stages. I don’t at all think this is final stuff, but it’s my current impression.

Also the constant jumps forward were a bit jarring, but I presume you’re going to be filling those out as you go?

Apart from that my only complaint is that it’s too damn short! More please.



You have unleashed fire, fury, and frankly power, the likes of which my free time has never seen before. :laughing:

As the patron saint of the Andromedian Order I believe I can offer an answer that could and probably will be overruled by @Goshman. My guess is that you can only be invited to join. It is said:

So it makes sense the that the MC isn’t able to join them.

While we are on the subject of the Order, are the Andromedians inquisitors or is Brother Patricius an inquisitor who happened to be a member of the Andromedian Order?

No way… I would totally keep myself humble… @ZoilusthePedantic I bless you :angel: for wanting to join the Order.


  • You are to show your new hosts what it means to be a Allard, and you will do so with grace and honor. — You are to show your new hosts what it means to be an Allard, and you will do so with grace and honor.

    • For family names that do not start with a consonant “a ___” would be fine. Maybe it would be simpler to say: “…what it means to be my offspring (would that word even be used back then?).”? My child? My kin?
  • Instead of much needed and well deserved sleep you body thrums with a strange sensation that keeps you constantly flitting in and out of consciousness. — Instead of much needed and well deserved sleep, your body thrums with a strange sensation that keeps you constantly flitting in and out of consciousness.

Archetypal pre-made character paths:

  • Grandmaster - The Earl was exiled to the Holy Lands and became the Grandmaster of the Order. Married Lady Bruna. Sent the younger brother to join the Church. Built a church in Aswicdale.

    • Special features for choosing this character: Brother Patricius comments on the 1st Earl being in the Holy Lands or something. The remains of ancestors are kept in the church. Some flavor text reflecting this is enough.
  • High Ambitions: Earl marries Lucia of Sterling. Saves the Druiloch family from extinction.

    • Special features: Family in Sterling. Ancestral alliance between the houses? Cousins in Sterling.
  • Higher Ambitions: Earl marries Lucia. Doesn’t save the Druilochs. Supported King Stephen.

    • Special features: Claim on the Duchy of Sterling (if such things matter in this story). This option provides the most “advanced” or thriving Earldom.


Is it bad that I was hoping there’d be an incest path between my brother and I? I’ve been watching too much GoT probably…


@Goshman I’m wondering since it is gender-locked and given the type of period and society, will we only be able to romance guys?


Doubt it. They allowed gay romance in the first Lords of Aswick.


Ah cool thanks for the info.


The real question is will he allow an incest route…


You didn’t invite your brother into your bed when he came in and share it with him? - you missed the path already … seriously I think you should quit pursuing the incest route yourself.

Mentioning it once is bad taste, mentioning it more than once starts raising concerns…


The one I daresay I don’t know how to sing your praise higher. At first I was intrigued just to see how you would implant the female gender locked lead. Considering the society came off so patriarchical. But now finally playing the demo and seeing Only glimpse of the working of the church even if it’s not entirely Egalitarian it does paint a picture of a woman that can become powerful if they go for it they have the ambition for it. Can you make the rule feel organic make you feel real. I love the feeling of playing as a humble friar I love the feeling of the political machines both in the kingdom and abroad in the church going on in the background. Similar to first of his blooded it’s interesting to see our luck again with the new patron. And I’m really curious to see if both the political and the social mobility and rise in this game because it’s distinctly different then we seen most medium because people are scared to religion.

Honestly keep it to gender lock I love it it shows fairness for on your part for both ends. On top of fact this is a generational story not even about necessarily the title of Earl but a family and a major members to play movers are shakers in history. And I love all the nuances In it!! So continue doing it and I am ridiculously excited and I daresay this is the best writing I’ve seen you done so far!!!

PS can we become a patron of the arts

PSS I really enjoy how you switch between both masculine and feminine titles for the church positions. So is the are MC monk or nun or are you just using monk as umbrella term.


I think the game implies that when you get visited by your brother you both are incredibly young six or seven years old maybe eight. I think it’s eight because your character becomes a friar when they’re 15 there in the monastery for seven years.


Hello, first let me say I love your games. Though I will confess Golden Eagle is my favorite. Capitaine Ameliè De Levesque is very eager for a chance to earn her promotion to Major and hopes for one as soon as possible, completely unsubtle hint.

As for the gender lock, I’ll be quite honest, I don’t enjoy gender locking in general, (looking at you Infinity series) but I’m willing to accept it so long as the story is an excellent and enjoyable experience (looking at both of you Aswick and Infinity series). And I understand if you want to write an interactive story where the setting’s gender norms have a significant role, you almost have to gender lock it otherwise you have to write what is essentially two separate books that may take too long to be economically viable, we on the forums have to acknowledge that you guys do this for income as well as passion.

And I will say that I was quite pleased to see that this was gender locked female, as I said, I don’t like gender locking in general, but I have a particular dislike for the fact that in almost all cases, they are locked as male. I happen to quite enjoy playing as female, it helps me disconnect and view the character as a seperate entity unto herself, with her own personality and outlook different from my own. And I think you mentioned female ROs, and I love lesbian options, so I am thankful for that. Is homosexuality taboo in Norwall?

As for the content itself, will our choice of Saint play a large role in the story? the only real complaint I have thus far is that the saints don’t seem to matter much. On my first playthrough, I went for the warrior Saint, small side note: the brother describes them as “brothers and sisters who take up the sword,” or something like that, does this mean that the order includes female warriors or was he simply referring to the order as being militant with male warriors and women filling out the supporting roles. I stopped when I got to the beating scene and decided that the order was to crazy for my taste and decided to try again with the healing order, and found more of the same. This kind of bothers me, it makes sense for a militant order stuck in the old days to have a violent and painful induction, but an order dedicated to a saint of healing and mercy? I’m not saying the whole scene needs to be changed, as I know creating a specific scenario for each Saint would be a lot of extra work and I’m not sure how critical the beatings are to the set up, but I’d at least like my character to have the option of ackowldging the hypocrisy or at least the contradiction of a group dedicated to mercy and healing beating, starving, and basically torturing their initiates. And I don’t think it mentioned you being taught the arts of healing at all, so I would like if that were mentioned. (if it is and I just missed it I apologize.)

All in all, a good start and I’m looking forward to see it continue.


But will the recap allow us to recreate our saves exactly like our we played? Because I don’t want to buy a game that I don’t want to play just so I can have my Aswicdale, and it I can’t have it then the series will be as good as dead to me.


Yea I’ve been waiting for this😭


@Goshman I am guessing it will not be possible to become Holy Father in this.
And I still hope you reconsider the gender lock to male as it will create more opportunities.


An archetypal story for the premade characters:
Brave New Aswick:
Builds industry, marries Lady Abigayle, builds mining, canals. Supports King Stephen.


This game is about at least breaking some of the social norms. Division of experience that an excuse for some genuine faith. And what he points in the game even in the confines of the church you can go from separation to being head of the Norwall Church to way get on the Holy Father Throne to believing you are genuine Prophet


I kind of like how it same across the board because they all come from a monasticism order. Which is all about humility and like real life monasticism especially looking at its Origins something like this wouldn’t be too surprising as a ritual. And if it made you feel uncomfortable good because that was the aim. The experience is meant to physically strip you of your pride genuine pride so truly humble part of you can get a genuine submission to the Flame her Holy God.

@Goshman I love how you give them masculine titles God but everyone refers to her in feminine pronouns.