[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



The silence is deafening, isn’t it? I hope he’s okay.

I mentioned this on the unofficial discord server, but real life has intervened. My fiancee and I broke our engagement and relationship right before Christmas after some difficult times. I am now re-establishing myself in Finland and have been busy working on that. I’m putting up short stories on my patreon still at regular intervals, but I’m sad to say my progress on the part of IF has been lackluster to say the least.
Not that I’m exactly enthused about writing in general at this very moment. But I’ll climb out of this damn hole eventually.


OMG…such big news man. I pray you can deal with this. LoA was the second game I ever bought after Sabres, so you always got a place in my CoG life. Be strong Teo :slight_smile:


Brother that is atrocious we all hope you’re okay I hope you’re okay and where you’re annoying fanbase we’re here for you.:grinning:


This is one of those posts where you want to acknowledge it, but it feels very wrong to click the Like button. I pray that this will work out well for you, and would definitely say you don’t need to worry about writing until you get yourself sorted out from such a big life change.



I am sorry to hear about the tough times. Just know that your writings mean a lot to the people in the forum and who purchased your games. “Remind him who your liege Lord is” has stayed with me since my first play through of LoA. Just remember that many of us here will be waiting for you when you sort things out and get back to writing and programming fun games.


Oh man, that really sucks. Take however much time you need. We, your adoring public, understand your absence.


I am so sorry! I hope that you’re alright.


This is late, but you have my sympathies and my prayers.


I hope my character will not be a female


The character is female and has been said to be as such multiple times.


I have one recommendation if you don’t mind why dont you make a choices on what
will be your gender I’m sure if you do it many readers will be intrigue about you work and also you will gain more profit .

by the way I bought the Lord of aswick and I must say I’m a huge fan it is the best interactive novel I read in choice of games


The first game didn’t give you the option to choose your gender either and the main character was male at the time.

That first game seems to have done just fine even without the option.


I know but many readers of lord of aswick complains about the gender in the story and
also for my part I can not relate or imagine my self being a woman in the story I am not
saying that the story is bad because the Mc
is a woman the truth is it is a really good story. the only problem in my opinion is that for all the readers who share the same filling about
the sequel we are hoping for a choices for genders
Sorry for the wrong grammar English is not my strong suit


Well one he didn’t wanted to be a carbon copy of the first game and two this is her in a generational saga it’s dynasties it about the family. Any good books series about a family genders of the protagonists are going to jump around.


Miss you brother so damn much!


well if not okay I understand I’m just sayin maybe he will make another one in the future


He’s set on making this one female gender-locked, but he does plan to make more in the series later on. If you’re not interested in playing a female, you can always wait for the next game in the series.


thanks for the info I really appreciate it


I happy he doing this in this manner, will be nice to have some different type of plot like this.
Some of the facts of why i think this:
First of all, womens deserve respect, and not why be good to put them in nice histories like these one? I anxious to see the perspective of the woman life in this history universe too.
And Womens are really badass in wars and in the military things too
A example of it is this women, she defend your homeland, fight brave and inspire other people to do the same, and she reward? Be burned in a fire pit :sleepy:


It´s sad, but i think in the reallity, To be heroic literally is to save others, but not to save yourself in the majority of the cases (not all heros will end in this path, but a lot of them really end, this is why heros is not much know and forgot by the people, and it´s why not much people really know how is really be one, or want to be one of them, sacrifice for a great good is really painfull and the question every will be asked, the price for it really as worth?) .:pensive:


What is the object that the Lion is holding on that shield?

EDIT nvm I now recognize that it is that religious cross thing