[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



I’m guessing that Dumas and Oxbridge will still be in family hands, most likely as subsidiary titles of the earldom of Aawicdale. Although I’m not sure what the succession and/or inheritance laws in Norwall are. I’m guessing some type of primogeniture, as in the epilogue of the first game, its says the eldest son inherited all lands and titles although the younger son/s revived a junior title out of respect, but they had to make something out himself unlike the eldest son. It is possible though that the barony of Oxbridge passed to a younger son of an earl of Aawicdale over the years.

If Dumas and Oxbridge are subsidiary titles of the earldom, they are most likely used as courtesy titles by the earl’s heirs.

For example:

  • The Earl of Aawicdale

  • The Earl’s heir apparent, Viscount Dumas

  • The Heir’s apparent heir (earl’s grandson), Baron Oxbridge

  • The Heir apparent’s heir’s heir (earl’s great-grandson), Lord Aswick

@Goshman If we sent the MC’s brother in the first game to the Holy seat to learn, will are MC’s in Voice of God meet his descendants then they arrive in the Enotria Peninsula? I like to think he married a young heiress of one of minor lords of the Peninsula or a daughter from one of the many powerful merchant family’s in the city states. And that by the time Voice of God rolls around the brother’s branch of the family has flourished and that they have become lords in their own right.

Will we be getting an updated map of the world anytime soon? The old link doesn’t work anymore.


Yeah, so a fair bit of that is true. Aside from the possible titles you can have on the mainland and the ones you get as boons from the crown, the other titles are tied to the Earldom quite closely. The land will be part of the Earl’s holdings, but the titles and management can be passed down to whoever the Earl chooses, but is most likely at this point not a direct feature of the line of inheritance. Might have an elderly cousin that still holds on to a title, for instance, because revoking titles is not a simple, straightforward thing to do.

As for descendants on the Enotrian, I think my answer would be a no. My assumption was always that if you sent someone out to learn, they would ultimately return back. Your brother went to learn so they might serve the Earldom and Norwall better with that knowledge, not to establish an entirely new life. Now that is not to say that you don’t have some relatives living on the peninsula at this point. A fair amount of time has passed.

And yes, I’m working on a new map. Something more detailed and much more in line with what I have in mind. It’s been going through a lot of revisions as I keep shifting it further and further away from a mirror-Europe. I probably won’t be happy with it ever, but I’ll likely put it out around the same time as release date gets closer, whenever that will be.
EDIT: Then again it could be sooner than that as well. I’ve been ogling the 7th Sea tabletop RPG system lustfully for a little while now and I think were I to run a custom setting, I’d choose the world of Aswick for it. So that would need a map to be produced.


Can I post a small fanfiction on this thread?


Absolutely! I’d love to read it, no matter the length.
If it’s long and you wish to avoid creating a wall of text, you can use the nifty hide details box:

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It will end up looking like this.


Will Ulfberth sword be passed down to Earl’s of Aswick ?


It will be, yes, unless you take the crusade path where you take the sword with you.

Could get pawned off, I suppose, if the family is in very dire straits financially, but I would say that’s quite unlikely to have happened.


Buddy, there’s another bug I found in the first book Lords of Aswick if u load the last part of the game somehow my characters name changes to something like Jon Snow( I don’t remember exactly)


Right the main MC would only be a gal ? would the MC be involve in kingdom politics ?


What happened to the 1st MC’s daughter (if we were able to find her a spouse)?


Fair point, it would be cool if the marriage alliance made back then would still be in vigour. Depending on who married your daughter in the first game it might bring all sorts of benefits.


I’ve just playing this game, and it’s awesome. The most I like is the part that I fuck lady Elizabeth up. LOL. So female lock gender is not a good idea, but I’ll play it thou.


Awesome, looking forward to also playing the first one again :wink:


I’m looking forward to the game although I do have some criticism for the first game that I would like not to be repeated in the second, to be specific I feel that the first game was overly descriptive while other more important parts were not that fleshed out, for instance there was only 2 pages of character development dedicated to only 1 of my 3 children while there was around 8 pages dedicated to describing a castle and everything around it. I like the game a lot but it doesn’t need to be that descriptive. Instead of dedicating 10 pages to some ceremony dedicate at least half of those pages to something more important and more interesting and leave some of the descriptions to the readers imagination.


Aaww man… @Unknown_Player I saw your reply and it made me think that there was a @Goshman update! :frowning: LOL


Hope this thread hasn’t been dormant to long but will we be able to make extra decisions on how the Earldom has been managed like if you had chosen to build mines and expand farmland could we pick that a subsequent Earl had put in organized road structure or build a guild hall


This thread seems a bit quiet, so maybe I’ve missed something, in which case, my bad, but I notice that if you check the stats screen in the demo version before beginning, it lists your name as John Doe and your sex as male. Is this a mistake, I’d rather not not get my hopes up.


They are place-holders only.


I guessed as much, but thanks for letting me know. I’m pretty torn about this one to be honest. Lords was my first Choice game ever, and made me a huge fan. I had been pretty hopeful about the sequel, but to be honest, I was worried about the gender lock. The demo I’ve played through so far was very good, the writing is superb, but the whole time I felt like I couldn’t get immersed, which was very frustrating. Hopefully I can put any personal feelings aside and enjoy what will definitely be a well written and executed game/story.


What I’m excited about the gender lock if you can make a pretty good family tree oh my God when the series is over epic family tree!


He does have a point about the quiet though, anyone heard a thing from Teo lately