[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



A small question about the rest of the series:
If the Reformation goes through/ MC becomes the Holy Mother and squashes the Reformation, will this impact the third game more than just gender choice?

I am really hoping that we get a path for independence and revolution in the third game


@Goshman We will be able to load a save from the first game?



What do you think? You even posted a screenshot of the option to do so yourself…


He kind of gave an outline earlier the third game close were going to implying we could end up being an explorer and adventurer Conquistador founder of the colony etc. The fourth game in the series is allowing us to possibly sit on the throne.


Out of curiosity what would real world equivalent for each time period? I’m taking the first game takes place during The English equivalent of the hundred years war just at the start. This around dawn of what would be the reformation. Then game seem like it jumps another hundred year. Are character would be in some kind of exile or adventure? The Browbthe Bears the Crown would be around the Real world 1700s.


Oh, shoot! I never answered any of the questions in this thread, did I? Dangit, I thought I forgot about something.
Time for a quick update. I’m still chugging along, but quite slowly. I’ve been having difficulties writing a set of fairly major branches. And unfortunately these branches are kind of interwoven, so finding a fitting cliffhanger somewhere in the middle of each is also quiet difficult. Speed should pick up as soon as I finally finish with these dang branches.

Yes. My current offline version has expanded on that a little bit and expanded on the early family life as well.

Absolutely. It will definitely influence the position of the family. A lot of what you did in the previous title will have some mention to them, but the fact is that something like owning a lot of real estate in Thurstowe will not be very obvious to outsiders. This is a time before people got to hanging gilded signs with their surnames outside every building they own.

Yes. It decides the course of the Trinitarian religion. Means of securing the stability of the religion, whether that is as a united religion or two separate ones, will also have an effect on who you meet in the new world or what kind of ceremony is involved with certain events in the final title.

You’ve got the first two parts pretty much right. FoHB takes place in a Hundred Years War and War of the Roses era. VoG takes place around the Renaissance era and the time of the Reformation.

Seekers of Paradise will actually take place very shortly after VoG, essentially the first large-scale colonization efforts. The equivalent to the first voyage of Columbus will take place late into VoG and on the Holy Seat path you will have an opportunity to set early influence on how the new world and it’s inhabitants are to be treated.

Brow to Bear the Crown will also be very close to the events of VoG and Seekers of Paradise. I’m still toying with the exact timing of it, but the current plan is to have it very much influenced by the Dutch war of independence. I’ve had the idea of a meeting between the MCs of SoP and BtBtC, but that will have to be something I look into a lot more.


So will the MC of BtBtC be the grandchild or nephew of the MC character of SoP holy hell that mean MC of BtBtC could be part indigenous! This is if not super eccentric not romantic the and occasionally incredibly powerful Noble family.


So are we going to play as a colonial governor sent by the king or something to that effect or are we just going to be sitting in Norwal being nobility


Mmm, maybe. I don’t have the specifics decided yet when it comes to who exactly you will be playing at that point.

The indigenous people won’t be exactly what you might expect them to be either, for the most part at least, so… I guess we’ll see when I start writing that part of the story.

Not quite a colonial governor, but certainly someone with great influence. Depending on where the fortunes of the family lie at that point, the MC could be the head of a trading company, or alternatively take on a less prominent managerial role for a trading company.
Either way, the fortunes of a fairly newly established colonial settlement will be the MC’s to decide. They will be the most prominent figure in the settlement and easily a leading figure if they choose to become one.


Sounds intriguing, of course I still hope you’ll return to the Golden Eagle first, as it is still your work I like best thus far and I’ve got to know how that one is going to end.

The family lie indeed, particularly if the mc’s family fortune is like that of many “nobles” at that time mostly a mirage or a lie kept up by essentially borrowing and deficit spending. :sweat_smile:

Still a trading company is not exactly a crown unless over the course of that story the mc somehow ends up like this.
Of course mine would likely still prefer the Republican variant.


I have full intention of returning to Golden Eagle once I’m done with Voice of God. Might take a quick moment to write another shorter story I have in the draft works already, but I’ll get back to it. I have some new cool ideas as to how I can redo a few things here and there to shape it more in the direction I now want to focus on.

As for the final entry in this series, the crown will not be one that can be claimed in the colonies. It’ll be a result of a major war and power politics as dictated by the “victors”. :stuck_out_tongue:


And the colonies can’t end up as the “victor” (or at least one of them) in that major war? Pity. :cry:


They can only be victors. They get new land rights and claims from the losing parties on the backs of the soldiers dying on the mother continent.
As long as they don’t get uppity in the aftermath, they should be fine as dandy. What’s a bit of increased taxation that’s meant to help reimburse the costs of the war effort, or the necessary conscription of men into the severely undermanned navy. The colonies should be bloody grateful.



Wasn’t that whole mess because the elite in the colonies wanted to be treated the same and have the same privileges as the British “noble” elite back in the motherland?
It also means you have a possible fifth game revolving around colonial discontent, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One reason I’m more interested in the Golden Eagle is precisely because if you ever made a sequel to that one we’d hopefully get to see what an early modern world predominantly shaped by a French-esque hegemon, instead of a British one looks like. My predictions being at the very least better men’s fashion and more tolerance of gay guys because there isn’t the incessant “moral” obsession with “buggery”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t know why but I feel the need to make the colony the jewel of the crown


Regardless the protagonist can be a major early colonial figure a founder of the colony and maybe one of the major cities of the settlement if not cough cough couple hundred years from now the founder of the Mecca of the world hopeful we become minimally more famous Then this guy.


;_; Please answer my question. We will be able to load a save from the first game?

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It’s pretty damn obvious that you will be able to geez


Well, I already have a greyed out option for it, I’ve talked about save importing several times quite openly, and I’m using code that will be coming from saves already in the title, so I would certainly hope there’s a save system. It’ll really be an unfortunate change in plans if there won’t be one.

I do have to go back and replace the old save system with one more streamlined for ease of use and compatibility with HG’s server-side save system though. So you might want to go back and jot down what you did on your best save, because once I eventually replace the system, it’ll be goodbye to all your current cache-based saves unfortunately.


Will we still have family property in Dumas and/or Oxbridge ? If so, can we visit the sites in this game?