[WiP] Lords of Aswick: Voice of God (and some news)



I think am just going to wait for the next one in the series i can’t really get into a story when its gender-locked-to female but still good luck with the story.


This is indeed a happy announcement, as I’ve spent the last 6 hours playing Lords of Aswick :wink:

Is there any progress related? It’s been almost a year, no?


I assume you didn’t mean to sound as sexist as you just did.


@Ivan - Welcome to the community - it is against the forum rules and etiquette to ask about progress in WiP threads. Many of the developers/authors don’t have a schedule and write as they are able.

Most authors are kind enough to post updates when anything is updated.

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Hey there!

Lol. Whoops, sorry. A little over-eager, I guess!

And sure, understood. Thanks for lettting me know!


I got notification and i though it was a new update lol


I don’t want to get into anything but what he said wasn’t exactly sexist. Poorly phrased and a rude towards the Autor undoubtedly, but I wouldn’t go down that path. But yeah, as far as Teo is concerned, not cool at all !


You’re probably correct.

Thanks for your input!


I think that’s a slightly unfair view.

How about this one:

The writer created the first game to cater towards men and women who wanted to play as a man.

Shouldn’t females and those who want to play as females have the same privileges?

How would you like it it a female member of the forum said something like, ‘Ugh! Why are all of these games having male characters as Canon??’ I’m not sure you’d appreciate that.

So before saying something that people may find offensive, try to see all sides, please. Not trying to start anything, I just don’t agree with you and I wanted you to know why.


Let’s keep this thread on topic (the game) everyone, thank you.


I will be honest…I didn’t enjoy the story at all. I am not a fan of being a nun. If a God really want to beat you into faith then my reaction would be “I am going to destroy this cult. This is no way a God’s path.”


Bro you do not understand the mortification that is part of a lot of religions it’s just not in Christianity you see in Buddhism Hinduism it’s a way of stripping away pride and cutting off the temporal in the physical world.



You mean Sister of Battle, right?


The humbling really is an uncomfortable chapter to read isn’t it ?