(WIP) Just Kiss Me Updated: 05/14/2024 (103k words)

Hey guys! Just posting an update because I have no idea how to edit my own post. I think you have to be at a certain trust level, but since I’m not there yet it will have to be updates through replies for now.

I have been very busy these last couple months. I have recently moved and am currently pursuing more schooling. I thought I would have more free time but things have been super hectic.

However, I have been able to work on Just Kiss Me a little in my spare time. I am working on revising Chapter 1 and have adjusted a few things and have been keeping a log of what I need to do.

For those who have posted comments enjoying the WIP, thank you so much! I really can’t give a timeline on updates but just know that I’m always thinking about it and hope to get into a good working routine soon. Thanks!


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Is it just the demo so far? I can’t seem to figure out how to get to anything other than the demo. Help? or not? It really depends. But I can’t wait to see the changes you made. I mean, I was here, vibin’ in the corner, thinking “it can’t get better than this beautiful masterpiece.” But THEN. There’s an update! Long story short, I can’t wait to read it.

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Still exited to read the rest


This story gives me Manga/Anime vibes and I don’t know why, but I love it…yay.




This is really weird for me, St. Augustine was the name of the school that I went to.
Other than that, enjoying it so far!


i keep thinking of this story and start smiling from ear to ear because A is just SO ADORABLE. plus i love the individual platonic scenes IMO they don’t feel forced. i also love the different scholarships to choose from, though may i suggest for the MC to have like a talent? they may be academic but is also above average when it comes to art, even if it’s not above their intellect to get a scholarship? IDK if i’m making sense or if this is an incoherent ramble


Back for my 8th playthrough
Tsunderes are so peak…


Im liking this WIP a lot. I dont really comment on stories, even though I’ve read the majority of them, but this one was sweet (especially the interactions with Audrey) so I felt like writing.The characters really feel alive and like each one is written with care. I’m liking the group dynamic we have so far. Darcy makes for a good middle ground who loves getting into antics as well, though for some reason I don’t totally trust her just yet, but I’m guessing there’s a reason for that :wink:, Klaus is a great mate to sit down with and have a chat over books. Though he may get us in unwanted situations at times, like lunch with Ebony. Thankfully that wasn’t too bad. I love the different dialogue choices we have. In my playthrough I’ve been flirty and sarcastic with Audrey up until the peach rings scene where I picked the option of blurting out that it was cute and it made for a very sweet and vulnerable moment in contrast to our previous interactions. Im definitely keeping my eye on this WIP. Excited to see where this goes.

Your enthusiastic reader.

P.s. I remember now what this WIP reminds me of. It has the same vibes as Bunny Girl Senpai.


I like the characters and especially the array of choices we have, which is why I’ll definitely keep an eye out for further updates.The thing about Darcy tho - granted I’m not a huge fan of quick discarding of the stuck-in-their-body element or how quickly the knowledge spreads, but that’d be completely different story - I find her reasoning… weirdly rushed. She pays off PC to help her. Cool. But she doesn’t actually offer anything to Audrey - the swap is dependant on PC’s willingness (and I feel Darcy should throw some quick questions to show PC’s better grasp of physics, because Audrey has nothing to go off, that they can do any better than her, especially with exam not being right around the corner). Most importantly though… why does she assume she needs her? Neither she or PC ever consider kissing each other. She wants to observe it “up close” every week and have the experience described, but doesn’t think to feel it first-hand?

For me Darcy is just weird character who for some reason is interested in the magical stuff around MC, but otherwise doesn’t add much to the story.

How would you know if Darcy add to the story or not? The story barely even started.


That’s true! I do hope Darcy is given better characterization in the next chapters, she’s interesting, but at the same time, getting kinda weird vibes lol. Like what’s Darcy’s goal here

This was very fun to read.


THIS IS SO CUTE. TOO CUTE. IM DYING BECAUSE OF THE CUTENESS :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

arGH I really can’t wait for the upcoming update. Good job, very good job. I LOVE TSUNDERE ESPECIALLY GUY :joy::joy::heart_eyes:



Finally, I have been freed from the asylum that is school. For winter break, that is.

I’m so sorry for going totally AWOL. I have been EXTREMELY busy, but now that I am finally home for break with no other responsibilites for the time being, I have been working on Just Kiss Me every single day. As of right now the story is sitting at 81k as I am revising the Prologue and Chapter 1 with all of your suggestions. I can’t give an exact date for the updated demo but my goal is before Christmas!

Somebody did ask if I had a Tumblr. I don’t have one just because I don’t want to give people unrealistic expecations of the progress of my story. As a college student I am very busy (although I can hardly complain compared to people who balance a full-time job and writing) and I would hate to just routinely post updates where I say, “No progress guys, sorry, but still thinking about the story.” Please know I am thinking about the story often!

Thank you so much for your patience and your kind comments. I promise I read them all and appreciate every single one!


No problem! I love your work, btw. It’s so fun to read! Keep writing, you make so many people’s days better with just a few words!


Lesgooooo thanks for the update. Go at your own pace.


I don’t know too much about how this site works but if you ever need any art assets for anything I’d be happy to help out!