(WIP) Just Kiss Me Updated: 05/14/2024 (103k words)

Amazing work. I had a blast reading through it. Looking forward to how you develop the story. Maybe food for thought, we could explore more why we never get to see Sawyer’s friends. Like explore the ROs as their own persons. Again enjoy your work and loving how MC morality aren’t set in stone


the Mc represents me better than i represent myself
one of the best reads that i read this while
keep up the good work


Hey Lucky I would like to know if you post on any apps about your updates

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@Bip_Boop - That would be amazing! I have absolutely no artistic abilities whatsoever. As this project approaches its completion and I need art assets (which, honestly, will not be for a long time) I will definitely be in touch. I too know very little about how this website works so maybe we can figure it out together

@Nymos Hello! Unfortunately I do not post on any apps about updates just because of how infrequent/unreliable I am at updating. So all updates will be posted through this forum.

Everyone - sorry about my epic failure at posting an update by Christmas. The break ended up being super busy and now I am back at school and even more busy…groan…

Regardless, Just Kiss Me is currently sitting at just shy of 100k words as I’m still revising the first chapter. Again, I apologize for not pushing out an update and a lack of a reliable timeline. I know that everyone is busy and it’s not just me, so it’s really not an excuse, but just know that this project is on my mind. Thank you for your patience and kind words about the demo!


This game really fulfills my fantasy to be in an anime. I’m loving it! :revolving_hearts: And Alistair is so cute! :heart_eyes: Can’t wait for another update!


This was so fun to read! keep up the work🖤


An extra 30k? We will truly be eating when the update comes out lesgo


I’m glad you don’t stop writing your wonderful anime-esque story. I’m looking so much forward to the update :sob::heart_eyes:


hiya loving it so far but slight Q:

I chose my height to be around 5’7 and since it says Alistair is around 6’0 shouldnt this line be smth like he stood on his toes



Screenshot 2024-02-20 012155

Just finished reading it and im absolutely in love w/ Alistair


I’m a sucker for low stakes slice of life stories, sometimes you like to have an mc save the world, but sometimes you just gotta kick back and solve magical mysteries with a chill group. Loved reading the wip so far! Can’t wait to see where it goes


Hey guys! Just replying to this thread to make sure this post doesn’t get deleted. I am a terrible person and do not have an update ready. This year has gone by in a flash but I am really hoping I can go home for the summer and have more free time to work on this while finishing up my Master’s. Chapter 1’s revisions are so close to being finished, I just need a solid ten or so hours to really make sure it’s perfect.

Again, there’s really no excuse for the lack of updates. I’m sorry and appreciate everyone’s patience.


It’s all good! This is your project, so you decide when it’s ready to come out. Can’t wait for the next chapter!


I love it so far. Audrey is funny and cute, her act is very charming and makes me want to either tease her or pat her head. Darcy is… I like her but I don’t really dig her though.

Kristina is a sweetheart that makes me smile every interaction with her. And Ebony is fun to talk with, I can never guess if she’s messing with me, honest, or just doesn’t get some things I’m saying to her.

Dunno about overaching supernatural plot, but so far small things are fun, I like the ‘influence\morality’ choices and hope keeping up with Morality would be noted. I also like the small stakes and non-violent problems, many games go there too fast, and just having a school mystery is great.


Nice work, haven’t had this much fun playing a WIP in a while. Audrey is definitely my favourite. Classic tsundere/young lady archetype that makes you want to tease her so much. I love her cute reactions to everything lol. The MC’s personality and the ways they interacts with others is also perfect.

Looking forward to the next release!


Just going to second above, cause it took the words right out of my mouth. Absolutely loved this! Excited for more of it!


Hello everyone! I am happy to say that the revisions for the prologue and Chapter 1 are FINALLY out. I still do not know how to edit the original post, so I’ll have to put the updates here for now lol (I don’t have a pencil mark but I think it’s because I’m still not a high enough status on the forum).

The game is now currently sitting @ 103k words. I did my best to listen to all of your feedback and here are some of the changes I made:

  • Scholarship exclusive scenes
  • Scene working at part-time job
  • Changed some of the scenes around so the prologue didn’t feel so rushed
  • Ability to talk to/confront Darcy
  • Tried to make the relationship with E/Jefferson less rushed
  • Changed the money amount to 10k

Some things to note:

  • I still have no idea what is causing the Unknown Sawyer errors. It’s obviously happening because of something wrong when the player picks Sawyer’s gender, but it doesn’t register, and just leaves his/her name as “Unknown” because that’s what I have it set to initially. I apologize for the inconvenience!
  • I removed the non-binary option for now because I grossly misunderstood how to properly code it. I apologize for anyone who played non-binary in the demo/is non-binary, because there were definitely some pronoun errors. I will try to fix it in the future but I truly did not realize how much work it was, so I am sorry!

What I would appreciate from you all:

  • Any spelling, pronoun, inconsistencies, etc. - I definitely cannot catch everything and would love the help!
  • Things that you liked and disliked about the changes
  • What you are hoping to see in the future (I will say, I have the whole story mapped out, but would love to hear y’alls thoughts!)

Thank you for your patience! I hope this lives up to your expectations. It’s not that much compared to a whole new chapter, but I did work very hard on it :slight_smile:


I’m at work now so I can’t read it right now, but I will definitely check it out later!

About the first post problem, I think one of the moderators can turn it into a wiki or something. Tbh the only mod I know by name is @Eiwynn so maybe she can help? (I hope it’s okay to tag you for this…)


Hi @Lucky42

You are correct about needing to be a higher user level before the system allows you to edit older posts.

As @rkgk says, I (or other moderators) can turn the post into a Wiki for you to edit, which should be done shortly.

Please let me or another moderator know if you need assistance with the title or any other concern.


Wow, thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

Thank you too, @rkgk, because I never would have figured that out on my own XD. You the best!


LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOO!!! Couldn’t wait for this. Keep cookin author.

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