(WIP) Just Kiss Me Updated: 05/14/2024 (103k words)

First time playing this because well I’m lucky enough the post of this game is at the top. I can say this is pretty tasty teen drama coming of age for the first chapter. Thank you and stay healthy

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I literally just screamed ‘OH MY GOD WE WON BOYSSS’ and I got yelled at for being too loud but omg I’m so excited to read through the new update :sob::sob:


Who knew listening to Frank Ocean and Omar Apollo while reading would fit so snugly into the vibe of a CoG…I learn something new every day. Anyway…

Good IF!

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Not here for the game, just wanted to help with your problem. I looked at your code and noticed the potential cause of it.

In the stats file, there is a line that reads:

*if meetsawyer = false
    *set sawyer "unknown" 
    *set sawyertext ""

What I found is if you open the stats page at some point before the
'set meetsawyer = true line comes, the name will be set to “unknown” due to the code above. If you don’t open it at all, everything is fine. This is likely the cause of the problem.

Hope it helps.


Hello !

I’m really enjoying the game! I hope you keep your good work!

Below it’s my contribution regarding pronoun errors. I can’t add images :frowning: so I copied the text. I hope it is clear.

The errors I noticied are of Alistair. It should be he/him/his.


When you choose to meet Garret with Alistair

Alistair chews his bottom lip. We lock eyes for a few moments, and then he sighs and looks away.

Garrett looks between the two of us. He then sighs himself.

“Okay. I shouldn’t have said that. It was out of line,” Garrett says. “I’m sorry.”

Alistair nods. “I am sorry as well.”

Wow, I think to myself. She actually apologized.


This is the scene of kissing in front of Garret and Lisa.

Alistair looks over at me. After studying her expression for a few moments, it’s clear to me that her angry facade is actually hiding some level of discomfort. Maybe she doesn’t feel comfortable switching in front of them?

I hope it helps! And I wish you the best!


You are BRILLIANT! Thank you. That problem has been bothering me for, well, the whole time I’ve been writing this game. Thanks for your time!

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Yes, that helps me so much, thank you for being so specific! And I’m glad that you enjoyed it!

Happy to help!

I like this game, thank you to the author for your hard work