[WIP] Joint Venture: Alignment


Welcome to this thread! I’m Nacre and this is one of the WIPs I’m currently working on.


You play as an ex-Agent trying to solve the murder of your brother while trying not to get killed by the same people (who are by the way your former employers).

genres: crime, spy-fi, sci-fi, romance, action, conspiracy, bromance

Five years have passed since Eric died in the hands of the Agency. All this time you’ve been on the run with your brother’s murderers on your heels.
One day, during a mission on your own, you meet some mysterious strangers who intervene with your plans.
Although they turn out to be old friends with your brother, you’re not sure whether you can trust them.

Nevertheless you share the same goal: earning back your freedom by taking down the Agency.

  • Play as male/female/non-binary/transgender and choose your sexual orientation

  • Choose your own nickname

  • Attend a fancy party

  • Punch an eccentric rich guy while your caught in a heated car chase

  • Play the lottery

  • Meddle with the Mafia

  • Find out the truth about your brother and the rest of the Agency’s secrets

  • Romance or befriend seven individual characters; have flings with others

  • Kill every single character in the game (for real)

  • Take down the government with your allies or be an evil genius and betray them

  • Choose your former profession: soldier, scientist or engineer

𝐑𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐎𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬

There are 7 ROs, all of them in your team. They all have their own sexualities. Some of the descriptions may contain spoilers.

Chalchiuhtlicue “Chal” Aguilar (30, straight) Chal is the leader of this small group of “rebels” and she’s an expert in everything she does. She has lost her parents when she was five years old and was forced to live on the streets until the Agency took her under their custody. Her life was forged through hardship, the Agency training her to be a cold and merciless killer, but you couldn’t tell by the way she carries herself. She is calm and graceful, protective of those she considers close and always listens to the opinions of her comrades before making a decision. Although she has quite the authority, she chooses to treat others as her equals.
She was a tier five spy when she worked for the Agency, her main duty supervising the various facilities.
Chal is 5’6 ft tall and of Mexican origin with warm olive skin, thick black hair she usually wears in a high braid and black almond eyes. Her features are intelligent and sharp, her stature slender, but muscular. Many small scars cover her body, barely visible, except for a nasty one on her right shoulder which seems to be caused by a bullet. She has a small beauty mark on the left side of her chin.

Clayton “Clay” Cavazolla (37, straight) Clay was a mere soldier before he joined the Agency for better payment. He’s a trained sniper and melee-fighter, relying mostly on his strength. Clayton used to work together with Chal, officially as a subordinate, since he had only a tier four allowance. His main mood is silently brooding, but he’s quick to lash out when he doesn’t agree. He’s stubborn and impulsive, preferring to face a problem head on, since he has no patience for the long game.
Clay is 6’2 ft tall with a powerful, muscular frame. His short black hair is graying, just like his full-beard. The veteran features a broken nose and a scar that runs along the entirety of his left cheek. Like Chal’s, his body is also covered in little scars and has some tattoos to boost. He is Italian-American and has naturally tanned skin. Somewhere beneath the facial hair, a beauty mark is hidden.

Dr. Leiandros “Lei” Lillis (33, bi) Leiandros Lillis is a scientist from Greece, continuing the work of his parents. His mother was an engineer working for the NASA and his father a physician. Lei is very handsome and humble, not to forget intelligent and gentle. He chooses his words carefully and is always calm and collected. In contrast to that, he is seen to be very curious and passionate once he is in his element. Leiandros was a tier four scientist for the Agency, responsible for the mental health of the held subjects. He also worked with your brother closely.
He’s 6’4 ft with a lean and fit body, creamy skin and soft blond hair. He is clean-shaven most times, but tends to leave a shadow once in a while. Lei has heterochromia which means he features one blue-green and one hazel eye, plus a small beauty mark over his right eyebrow. He has a doctor’s degree in psychology and remarkable knowledge about physics, chemistry and biology, all thanks to your brother.

Arrow Moineau (23,bi) Arrow is cheerful, friendly and always in for a joke. He’s good natured and there’s almost nothing that could dampen his high spirits. After Arrow escaped the claws of the Agency with the help of Chal and Lei, he chose to stay with them. He has no specific qualities, but he’s eager to learn. Besides he always finds something to keep himself busy with, sometimes even jumping from one to the other like a flee.
Arrow has light brown hair and eyes, fair skin and a dimple on his right cheek. He’s 5’10 and has a lithe built. He also claims to be Canadian.

Mercy Alexander Bowman (26, bi) Mercy was the heir of a well-established banker before they were forced to leave behind their family to escape the Agency. They changed their identity to protect them and have been working with the others ever since. Mercy is an expert when it comes to finances, trading and the law. They are distant and cold, suspicious of everyone. The only one who’s not victim to their constant gibing is Chal. This behavior mostly results of his upbringing as a spoiled rich brat.
They are 6 ft tall with a lanky built. Their ebony curls and eyes make him look like a vampire because of their pale skin. Mercy has aristocratic features and usually doesn’t bother to shave.

Amelia “Mel” Richmond (27, lesbian) Mel is an ex FBI agent who hates her full name. She is the only daughter of a rich English family who moved to America to become a hacker for the government. Her parents didn’t approve, but that was mostly the point of her departure. She’s anything but a spoiled rich girl living of her daddy’s money. Unlike Mercy, Mel is friendly, easy to get along with and funny. She is a total geek and there’s no one as skilled as her when it comes to dealing with technology. But as competent as she is, she is quick to panic and cry. Mel will collapse 11 out of 10 times if she has to do any physical exercises.
Mel is 5’9 ft tall with an average built. Her face is round with pinchable cheeks and her hair is dyed in a new color every two weeks. It’s mostly kept in a ponytail. Her eyes are hazel.

Candice “Candy” Murray (31, bi) Candy lived on the streets for most of her live until she was kidnapped by the Agency. With the help of one of the scientist stationed at her facility, she escaped them. Candy joined the others shortly after they formed the group. She is the group’s weapon expert. Furthermore, Candy still has lasting mental issues caused by the tests and a short temper. She favors violent approaches and is bold in whatever she does. Although she almost never takes anything seriously, one never knows when she might snap. Her sense of humor is also very cynical and morbid. Caution is advised when interacting with her.
Candy looks like a little school girl with her petite frame and the innocent blue eyes. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and is 5’1 ft tall. Her skin is fair and she has very faint freckles.

Your team members and potential lovers~

𝐎𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬

Daphne Malone a journalist who tries everything in her might to expose the Agency’s illegal activities to the public and raise the awareness of the crowd. So far she has dug up quite the dirt on them and the companies who work with the Agency, but her efforts remain in vain. Because of that she is interested in working with the group to take the Agency apart, but they are all wary of her for many reasons. Daphne isn’t one to give up easily, so she still tries.

Kirby is your henchman, kind of. You’ve known the old Brit for some time now and he actually seems to care about you, although it’s hard to make out between the insults and long periods of simply ignoring you.

Kruczeck. The eccentric rich guy you can punch, because he doesn’t know when to shut up.

Eric is your brother. Despite having the same face, there’s not much you two have in common. Oh, and except the Agency trying to kill you, but that doesn’t count.

Other characters that you’ll encounter on your journey~


Who is the most interesting RO?

About the characters and the game~

Stats and their meanings

Magnetic vs Reticent: do you like to stand in the spotlight or do crowds make you nervous?

Oblique vs Candid: do you blurt out what’s on your mind or do you prefer to keep your thoughts to yourself?

Cautious vs Impetuous: do you jump right into action or can you keep a cool head when needed?

Morale:success in mission and diffusing conflicts among your teammembers boosts the morale which is important if you want them to work efficiently.

Funds: you need money to survive, Be it for guns or bribery. Or a sandwich.

Agency’s Attention: if your missions go smooth, you won’t attract too much attention. But if not, the Agnecy will find you rather sooner than later.

Text flavour & stat impacts

Many scenes change depending on your former profession! I try to create a balance between text flavour and actual choices with stat checks, although I don’t like games that rely too much on stats. Everything will be fairly easy to achieve (the choices should be transparent enough).

Evil MC

If you want to play as an evil character (huzza, you person of quality) you must make the right choices and they are way less obvious. Just remember not to share all your intentions and thoughts. You gotta act real good. (spoiler-spoiler: perfect evil ending only achieveable through scientist route!)

Killing off NPCs

Every NPC and the MC as well can die. That doesn’t mean you should do it nor is it easy. But it can happen if you messed up in your missions or didn’t pay attention to your teammates. Don’t worry you can die only at the very end otherwise it’d be really annoying.

[ This story contains mature themes such as violence, murder, sexual themes, drugs, alcohol and strong language. I’d suggest you play it only if you’re over 16! ]

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Here’s the demo (again).


I haven’t try the demo and already discovered a typo :joy:


I absolutely loved the demo! The idea for game is really interesting and I love the options you give to mc :heart: :heart: Can’t wait to see more :sob:


Not gonna lie it gave me some Breach vibes. The writing’s good. And the characters are interesting. Can’t wait for the next update.


Well, there I go😂

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I didn’t read it, but I heard it’s good, so I guess I’ll take that as a compliment :slight_smile:


Well damn, you are definitely making me want more. Your writing is superb and the story is definitely intriguing. Keep up the good work


I’m already in love with Clay :heart_eyes:


I enjoyed the story I hope you keep on going

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I loved it, the story, the writing, the characters ( my favorites are Lei and Mercy, but all of them looks great ) I really hope you go on, there are so few COGs with these premise. I’ll be waiting for updates XD

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I really liked this story. All ROs are interesting but Chal rules my heart

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Oh this is really nice! <3 Will be looking forward to the updates! :smiley:

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Small continuity error with Daphne–I didn’t end up talking to her, I had my MC run away. Successfully, at that. :sweat_smile:
Was she meant to find (corner) MC in the cafe in chap 2 if she wasn’t met previously?

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Sounds interesting

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All of them hated my mc which I’m fine with

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It’s definitely a compliment!
Breach is one of my personal favorites and I am so excited for Wip that is going for same vibes.
I love idea of mc trying to find out what happened to their dead sibling and seeking revenge.


If they annoy you too much, just remember that you can kill them all~

Ehh, I have to get a look at that, but yeah she will find you anyway, but it should play out differently. Girl’s a pushy stalker

Thank you! I have everything plotted out and only need the time to write and code it (☞゚∀゚)☞


Wait what now?
Also damn my poor mc can’t go out with Chal altho even if my mc was Chal’s type she still wouldn’t cause she hates me lol


Nothing is lost, it’s only a first impression. Even if you called her a bitch you can apologize to her later I mean you’ll be spending a lot of time with them and everyone makes mistakes.

I said what I said (。◕‿◕。)


I was meaning Chal isn’t attracted to my mc because she’s straight and the fact that she also happens to hate my mc

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