WIP: Dog Days (Working Title)

@Elimajor Guess I’ll check that off the bucket list.

@Xero_Espadas Unfortunately, I could not include Pit Bulls into the mix mostly because they don’t have a specific job that they are used for (other than family pets, guard dogs,etc ).

@Fenris20 Actually, this is the first time I’ve heard the wolf dog one, though as you can probably guess, I have to say no to that one. Being half wolf, finding a person who would be willing enough to take the risk of sheltering a half wild, prone to being more aggressive than a domesticated dog would be rare, and a constant looming liability.

@FoxalypticWorld You make a good point, perhaps I’ll bookmark that for later.

Most people will use pit bulls to fight each other to the death, being treated badly and worse yet they got a bad reputation because of the ghetto community using them in horrific ways

How About Adding ancient Breeds That Still Exist?

Wooooooaaah! This idea sound absolutely amazing! As for the name…I got nothin’.
Buuuut being a stray sounds like a pretty cool idea! Perhaps as a stray you could be ‘adopted’ at some point. I mean if the player wanted. But anywho this is gonna be good!