(WIP) Clans of Éire: The Brother's War

Hi! This is really good so far! But in chapter two when we’re attacked we have two options, to scream for hell and fight back, but when you choose the fight back option it says that there is an error with invalid indent

There are a lot of bugs for the choices at the running away scene.

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That’s fixed now :+1:

That’s fixed now, thanks for your patience

That should be fixed now, there were a few loose ends that didn’t tie back into the story. Thanks for being so patient and helping me fix these problems!

Just checked, the runaway scene is completely playable! May the gods guide you out!

I found a a few bugs, when you have to escape the camp, all of the choices except the horse one are unavailable and the later on, at the boar and elk scene both of the choices are unavailable.

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Is this the scene when you are with Brenda, or a dream? Thanks so much for bearing with me through these issues, I wouldn’t have notices half(if any) of these problems without you!

Is this the scene when you are with Brenda, or a dream? Thanks so much for bearing with me through these issues, I wouldn’t have notices half(if any) of these problems without you

They’re fixed now, enjoy!

I like the outline of the game. Some thoughts would be to control the stats page to be accurate as I can go into negative money in it but it’s nice and control the amount of soldiers you have.

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Another bug at starting a fire to run away from the camp.
Another bug at the stop the fire scene when the people are in the elk.

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I found another bug:

done, thanks for letting me know

Hi there, I am going to suggest that you should put some features in the main post, and then spacing in your game description is a must, make it look neat and understandable. like this: (Please, copy paste the format below. (a suggestion only))

Click this, Fionn

Clans of Eire: The Brother’s War

This is an interactive fantasy-historical fiction set in war-torn medieval Ireland.

You are heir to the throne of the Boar clan, however after falling somewhat out of your father’s favor, you are sent from the luxurious life you once led on a mission to help your Uncle deal with the Viking hoards in the east, his rule is very much in question as his alliances shatter, as the poor of the land begin to rise in revolt and even members of his own family see the opportunity to seize power from him.

Will you stand with your father through these dark hours, or will you join the ranks of his numerous enemies and take to another throne?

This game contains approximately 40,000 words and offers a full, unlimited play-through for a limited time. I would really appreciate your input and opinions on character building, small holes or confusing elements in the plot, or even possible ideas for a sequel. If there are any bugs that need fixing (although it has been tested through several times) please tell me.

This game is available on dashingdon and can easily be found on their games list at [your link here]

Is it look better? Just a suggestion, and by the way… I’ll check this out later! :slight_smile:
Keep on the good job, looking forward to this one.

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So sorry to bother, but here are some errors from chapter two

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One bug I found was that it refers to The Elk leader later toward the end as 85 and the the Boar Leader as 15.
Anyways, I loved the book (even though it was kind of short) and can’t wait for more/ the next book.

There is an error when I choose to start a fire to distract the watchmen after sabotaging the weapons.

chapter52 line 66: Expeted option starting with #

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No bother at all! I just fixed that, thanks for showing me

That does look a lot more professional, how do you edit your topics? I know I did it a fe days ago but it was by accident and I have no idea how to do it again xD

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