[WIP]: Be The Witch (Status Report - 10/16/16 - See Post 18)

I love the concept, and I defiantly think that supernatural+witchcraft+Modern day= great idea, though there are sometimes complications putting magic and paranormal together which I have experience with. Like what is the paranormal take on witchcraft? Was witchcraft the reason for their death? Who knows? (Hopefully the author does :wink:) but anyway, I think adding in a magic house into the mix is defiantly new to me, so far we have only had magic schools and university’s which some find to get a bit rough around the edges (not pointing the red arrow at anyone here, so no offence here please guys :smile:) so yeah, it’s a great new story plot, and I hope it goes well for you.

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I love the concept, and I look forward to trying out the demo when it comes out

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The idea of a witch house reminds me of this game:

It has a really interesting story behind it, and has a lot to do with the living house.


Huh that’s really neat o.o

Truth be told I can’t completely recall where I got the inspiration from but part of it came from the most unlikely source: The Green Arrow x) After a death of a character no less. In this game, the house had lost its magic when the original owner passed away; which happened an X amount of years before the story began. Apart of the main plot is restoring the house to its former glory ^.^


I’m interested in this wip. I’m looking forward to play the demo when it comes out. I just love the idea of magic in the modern age. :slight_smile:


Sounds amazing, keep it up :smile:


Sounds fun can’t wait! Also it would be pretty cool if people actually reacted to what you look like!

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Arguing with me narrator remind me of bards tale whe the character argues about a large Chest popping out of a rat being his prime source of income among other things.

The other parts of the game being a witch magic house all good romance eh if it happens bonus if not no big loss at this time since there is no one to be aware of or become fans of yet

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This is my first game and I’m kind of made it my goal to keep it simple. With that said, name and gender is all you have to worry about. Going on that, there’s nothing really to react to o.o In fact, while I provided the descriptions to NPC clothes, in the means of color schemes I’ve decided to leave that up to the player’s imagination. There maybe a scene where your love interest (or friend if you go the non-romance route) will react to what your wearing during a special event :slight_smile:

I just thought interacting with Narrator would be a nice touch :3

As for romance, I’m taking a page from Dragon Age and TellTale games and putting in three to six “down time” scenes where the player can talk with all the NPCs (of course, you’ll be able to get their approval/disapproval through out the story, but these will be the main points). There will be a romance branch option and a “just friends” branch for conversations. A friend zone mechanic and a “crush” mechanic will aid in this, which may come in handy since the characters won’t be effected by your sexual orientation just yet. Even if that mechanic does get implemented, at least two characters, like in real life, may still crush on your character despite not being the gender your character is attracted to. You’ll get some chance to let them down easy or make them face plant x)

Okay, so I honestly didn’t think it would take this long but I ended up with a minor case of writer’s block, which ended up with me binge reading other Choice Script games, which then ended up inspiring a rebel/vigilante/dragon rider idea (you can thank From Ashes We Rise, Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights, and Dragon Racer for that xD). I also didn’t foresee going out Pokémon hunting with my step father nearly every night nor did I plan to loose the second half of part two of path one =.= So that needs to be rewritten. Then path two needs to be written and so does path three for chapter one. Hopefully I’ll have all that done by next month and the demo can finally debute :smiley:

##What’s to Come
Chapter one splits into three “paths”. These sort of act as origin stories for your character. While you’re a witch no matter what you pick for plot reasons, you can choose between distancing yourself from your grandmother and her teachings, leaving you with minimum knowledge and skill going in, choosing an “in between” sort of path that will grant you basic knowledge going in, or the third path that starts you off with most of what you need to know (in sort, you can choose between starting your story from scratch and building up, start your story with the basics, or start from the top and work you way onward). Path two and three also gives you the option to define whether or not you have an existing relationship with the characters.

As for the stats screen, I’ve settled on using opposing stats for the Health and Mana bars since I’m using fairmath and it makes things much more simple. I’ve also coded in a opposing stats bar for Void/Source magic (you’ll learn about these in game) which will decide what spells are at your disposal and a Confidence bar which will decide how effectively you execute your spells. Then there is the Codex. So far there’s going to be two: one for magic and spells, another for the creatures. While no Codex entries are written out for magic yet, there are seven codex entries so far for the creatures (at least five are done, one needs to rewritten, and the last isn’t finished yet).

I think I covered everything ^.^


its good your writers block went away those are always unfortunate to have, the loss of work that really sucks i hate when i loose work that i spent a lot of time on. It seems Pokemon go has taken over most everyone’s time. Fear the new overlords Pokemon go servers fear them i say :scream: good luck in your writing.:slight_smile:

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Funny thing is I didn’t actually plan on getting Pokemon Go xD But I have to say, It is pretty fun to play :slight_smile: I ended up catching a Kabuto last night (after my step father hatched on out of 10k egg the previous night). That really made me happy ^.^

Okay, so in the spirit of a brand new month I am proud to inform you I have finally finished part two of path one x.x My goal is to have the third part and hopefully the next two paths done my the end of this month but I can’t make any promises v.v; I remain optimistic though, because otherwise at this rate it’s going to take me a month to finish each path ^.^; Sorry for the delay!


This sounds really interesting! I’m excited to see how this progresses!

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Okay, I’m sad to admit that I’ve no writing for this, this month v.v; Partly because I’ve been a little caught up in my modding duties over on Iwaku, or well, the Iwaku community in general, partly because of writer’s block, partly because August has been turmoil-y month in general for me. Luckily the last scene I have left in Path 1 should be finished today.

On a slightly more productive note, I’m redoing some of the coding for this. I’m moving around some particular bits to migrate it more naturally into the story. This may or may not remove the previously mentioned conversation with Narrator. I’m also forgoing the stats for the relationship stats for the characters and going for something a little more, well, you’ll see :slight_smile: And if I’m able to pull it off there’s going to be a little something for the player to hopefully enjoy. I know I said this was going to be simplistic, but the coding I’m aiming for may not keep to that o.o; In the end, you may all find this a bit more enjoyable than percentages.

Here’s to a more productive September!


Hey, take your time no one’s rushing you :smile:.


Update 10/16/16

Sorry for not keeping any of my promises, but the project eventually became too big for someone too inexperience for me to do ;^; So I settled on something a little less challenging and time consuming: Be the Nekomata. It’s planned to be a smaller project (then again so was Be the Witch but I don’t see this getting out of hand) and I plan on finishing it before returning to this idea and may just very well have a different take on it :slight_smile:

Hope you can forgive me ;^;

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Aw men i was really hoping for this but i guess i can’t do anything

I hope Nekomata makes up for it ;~; Besides, I’ll get back to this eventually ^.^

Oh my god, I would read ANYTHING with magic, witches and romance :heart_eyes:

Btw, talking with the narrator sounds really fun and unique! Best of luck, @Noctis!

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Yeah i’ll give it a try but still goodluck on your games and real life

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