WIP Announcement - Ragnarok (Working Title)

The gods are dead. Those that survived the world have fled, leaving humans to fend for themselves without protection. In their absence a great evil is rising, one that threatens to be worse than any trick Loki could have devised.

I’ve started an outline for a fantasy/adventure game based around Norse mythology and the aftermath of ragnarok. Ragnarok or “the twilight of the gods” is basically the Norse version of the apocalypse. Many of the gods die, the world is struck by natural disasters and flooded, and then is born anew with two human survivors left to populate the earth (Lif and Lithrasir).

In “Ragnarok” you play as a direct decendent of Lif and Lifrasir who is chosen by the surviving gods to combat a new, great evil that is rising. Right now there are two main endings but I plan to add at least two more. There will be romance options and character customization.

I’m a large fan of vikings and plan on studying them in further detail when I start my masters degree (hopefully in a couple of years) and I’ll be drawing on their culture, history and mythology heavily for this story.

I’m still learning the ins and outs of Choicescript but I hope to be able to start working on an introduction and first chapter soon (as soon as I’ve finished the outline, of course).

Please let me know what you think or if you have any ideas or things you would like to see!



EDIT (8/10/2017): For those who are interested in storyboarding!

Update 8/14/2017: Demo of intro and first chapter available on Dashingdon and will provide a link once I open a new thread exclusively for updates/feedback/testing/etc.


Im definitely interested, but is their an evil route we can take? (overthrow the gods or take over the world or something like that)

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Sounds fantastic. Especially now that Thor Ragnarök is going to the theaters this November.

I know that MCU doesn’t really have that much in common with Norse mythology but still.

So anyway back to the topic of your game:

Do you know yet who the ROs will be?

Will MC be able to romance the remaining gods?

Good luck with your game! :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to check it out when a demo will be avaible.

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Sounds cool love Norse mythology. Will we have gifts or abilities from God’s or because of our bloodline?

Interesting idea, will be following this.

Yes, yes there is. There will be good and bad endings and then I’m going to come up with a couple that are more of a middling road.


20 characters

I know that they’ll be people you pick up on your journey to help you and that there will be both male and female but besides that I’m still working on story a general story more than characters.


Yes, especially because Baldr will be the god who first contacts you, as he has the most love for humans and is one of the few gods that survives ragnarok (even though him dying is the first sign of it’s coming, and then he comes back to life norse mythology can get complicated, let’s be honest.)


I’m not too well versed in norse mythology, so is Ragnarok what the apocalypse is called?

That would be correct.

Ok thanks (not too good with any mythology outside of roman and hindu😅)

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I read a lot but Ragnarok can be really confusing since so much stuff happens all at once.


So will the gods interfere in our lives directly or will they send a little guidance once and a while.

Is Thor, Odin, Sif, Loki, Tyr, Fenrir, and other deities in this as well? Can we wield Thor’s hammer or Odin’s spear? Will there be Valkyries? Does the Midgard serpent play into this? Will there be jotuuns and surtur? And what about Hel?


Most of them are probably dead cause that’s what happened in the myth.


Hmm true but this is fiction and we can mess with fiction however we want. So they might or might not be alive. We know baldr is alive but not much else.

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Yeah hope Thor is alive maybe he’ll let me use Mjolnir!

That’s what we’re all hooding for. Then we can shout ‘For Odin! For Midgard!!’

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‘For Myself!!!’