WIP - A Life Remembered (Short Demo, updated 23/5)

I am creating a prototype text game about the main character being in a coma while in hospital due to an accident and being able to then use their psychic powers themselves, in order to solve an ongoing mystery which has to do with their parent(s)… Most of the first part takes place in the character’s mind.

The main themes of the game is the power of the human mind and the power of imagination.

The players will be able to choose their nationality, their name, their parents and their gender. One of the main things different is the ability to choose a specific “quirk” along with their wealth that enhances gameplay. I want the ability for players to name some NPCs along the way too.

The draft of the text game can now be found at:

Although this is a continuing draft, so expect some mistakes along the way.

UPDATED 26/5/15.


When you say it takes place in the character’s mind do you mean the character’s questioning everything or do you mean that you literally explore what the character is thinking and everything else?

Also, what do you mean by choosing their parents? This sounds pretty interesting and I’d like to find out more! :smile:

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Sounds badass (+ 20 characters )

It means that you literally explore what the main character is thinking about and exploring their surroundings while being in a surreal coma-world. You get to choose and name your parents and your current emotions also start to affect the coma-world surroundings by changing the environment. The surroundings also change according to whatever spiritual realm you choose at the start of the game and you might meet some helpful (and not so helpful) NPCs along the way who can help your quest, while you are unconscious.

Since you’re in a phantom dimension during the second half of the game, what your character does while wandering the physical world starts to affect the surroundings. Aka, you can write messages, influence physical objects via telekinesis or whisper thoughts to other NPCs. You are able to customise your character’s physical appearance as well.

Oh my god,this sounds amazeballs. I love it! It reminds me of “If I stay” but cooler,I’d like it if the main character could die, but everybody would still be happy(up until MC’s death),maybe like a choice if you want to stay or not, like there could happen something that may make the character want to die, however there should be a life path as well,these are just ideas though!


I have started to create the WIP. It shall be called “A Life Remembered” and I’m writing the beginning scenes of the WIP. It may take a few days for the demo to be finished though. Just be patient and wait for me to check everything in the demo chapter first…

I decided on a title for the idea pitch which is “A Life Remembered”. That is the new title of the WIP.
18th of May Update: Did a quick draft so far…

Good name ( + 20 characters )

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Will be revising and improving the storyline of “A Life Remembered” over the next few days. Remember to put down any mistakes and/or errors so I can fix them along the way!

UPDATE: You get to train with your mentor! The park scene is unfinished though… But your mentor also gets to take you to a bonus scene if you choose correctly…

12/7 - Did a lot of proofreading and added more options! Got any questions for me about the story so far? Ask away!
So how is everyone finding it? Feedback appreciated!