Why is there an option to delete comments if they still show up and can be read?

Every now and then, I see posts that say “author withdrawn” or something, and I can still read said post in the edit list if I so choose. I’m a bit confused why deleting is even an option if it doesn’t actually delete anything. This might be a silly question, but I couldn’t seem to find an answer anywhere.

Once the cooling-off period of 24 hours elapses, the post becomes hidden to all except staff and mods.

Or am I misunderstanding your question?

Cool little known fact: If you click on the edit icon of your own post, there is a button on the lower right side that allows you to hide all edits :wink:


I’ll show the picture as an example because I don’t know how to explain or if I’m just tripping, etc. This was deleted a while ago, no? Unless they deleted a post from 2 years ago today for some reason. This has happened other times too, I’m pretty sure.

Also, thank you! I did not know that for sure. Helpful knowledge!

These are what I can find on the matter.


Where is the post? I need to look at it to go further.

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It’s under this topic at around 26/40 scrolling:

I think this particular post had a moderation issue still attached to it – I went ahead and performed my mod magic, so it should not been seen now.

This might be a case-by-case thing – unless the deleter marks the “hide revision” box it is still viewable until the 24hr timer expires. (normally).


Does the hide revision box pop up during or after you revise something? I tried replicating that after you mentioned it and have been unsuccessful. It is quite likely I’m simply unobservant. All I see is the hide preview tab at the bottom right, though.

You have to make an edit/delete first.

I tried clicking on the edit symbol with a post I already edited a bit ago.

I’ll use another picture:

That edit is to the title, not the post itself… be sure to click on the edit icon of the post … you should still get the button “hide revision” at the bottom by clicking on that edit icon…


This says everyone should have it – and also there is a site setting to have it off as a default. Perhaps if enough individuals want this, we can see if staff will look into it.

Maybe @dfabulich has it set on for a particular reason.

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That post had 5 edits, only one of which was the title. I thought when that wasn’t working maybe I would have had to check it while I was in the process of editing, but I wasn’t seeing it with that either.

Maybe it’s my computer or browser? I don’t know. It just says edit post at the bottom.

Like so:

Is it an option only moderators or staff have?