Can't edit posts that are older than 30 days?

Help. I just realized that I am suddenly unable to edit posts that are older than 30 days. Obviously, this is a huge disadvantage as this means, among other things, I will not be able to update the original posts on my WIP threads.

You can see in my screenshots below that a post from two weeks ago can be edited, but a post from June cannot be edited. Up until recently, I was able to edit posts no matter how old they were. This is also the case on all of my comments, not just ones in certain locations.

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know how we might go about fixing this?

Thanks in advance.


Same for me, just went through my activity feed to test it. While this doesn’t affect me since I haven’t created a thread, I can see why this would create problems for authors. Hope this gets fixed for you.


Yes, definitely I can’t edit my threads either now.


I’m going to ping @moderators for this.


If it helps, my post, that was a “wiki” post for unlimited edits, as now longer a wiki and cannot be edited either.

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I just made your lead post in your Viking WiP a wiki; Please check to see if you are able to edit it now.

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It appears that Discourse staff had either sent through an update or that they pushed forward a reset.

Either way, it seems this forum was reset to its default state which means that “normal” Discourse rules apply.

Until @RETowers or @jasonstevanhill can reset our unique forum settings our options are limited.

Discourse default settings mean that you can’t edit posts that are older than two months old. It’s the forum software’s fault.

If anyone wants a post edited we’ve a couple of ways we can get around the software. The first is just PM a mod with the post link and what you want edited in. The second is we can switch posts to wiki format, which allows anyone to edit them.

You can make your changes, and then we can switch it back to a normal post. (I think, I’ve never turned one back before.) Or you can leave it open and hope all of the other forum members are responsible enough not to take advantage of the fact they can edit the post. The last option’s probably the easiest if you plan to be frequently editing your post.

There are several threads dating back to 2012 exploring this situation, so hopefully this time, the settings issue will be resolved as before.


check now?

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All fixed.

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Does it also mean I am again limited to a very tiny number of 10 or so edits for my posts a day?

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I know there is a limit to edits but do not know exact number.

Have the edit limits been changed again?

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Don’t know, I’m afraid I’ll only find out through a day of heavy posting, which is why I was hoping @RETowers would look at the settings, cause if there’s been a mandatory reset that seems likely to have been reset too.

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This is the relevant settings, I suspect:

editing grace period max diff

Maximum number of character changes allowed in editing grace period, if more changed store another post revision (trust level 0 and 1)

editing grace period max diff high trust

Maximum number of character changes allowed in editing grace period, if more changed store another post revision (trust level 2 and up)

They’re set to 100 and 400 respectively. I’m open to suggestions as to what they should be.


I noticed I couldn’t edit my WIP post which is definitely less than 30 days old so I’m not sure what that’s about…same for more recent posts though the one I made earlier today to test it showed up for editing. Bit frustrating when I wanted to post my update!

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I looked over your WiP thread and did not see anything amiss, what error did you get or what happens when you try to edit the first post?

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The button itself to edit doesn’t appear for me.

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Did you click on the three dots ( …) That is where normally the edit pencil icon is located.

Yup - this is what comes up. It appears on my posts for today so I know I’m not just being blind.

Well, I am stumped on this one – perhaps @jasonstevanhill can figure out why.

You’re still TL1.

Work on raising your TL and you’ll be able to edit.